US Signs Lithuania Defense-Cooperation Pact, Violates the Brezhnev Doctrine

Which is about as relevant as the Monroe doctrine it wants upheld in Venezuela

Only the Russians aren’t quite so tone-deaf as to actually bring it up

Venezuela invites in several dozen Russian military technicians and trainers, the US invokes the Monroe Doctrine saying this violates “the Western Hemisphere’s shared goals of democracy, security, and the rule of law”:

Mercifully as Lithuania becomes the first Baltic nation to sign an agreement with the US deepening military ties that is expressly aimed at Russia, Moscow stays mum, failing to rail that this goes against the Brezhnev Doctrine.

Of the two, only one power is willing to embarrass itself by reinflating anachronistic grand doctrines based on might-makes-right.

Defense News:

The United States and Lithuania have signed a defense-cooperation agreement aimed at beefing up bilateral training and information sharing against the backdrop of a resurgent Russia.

Kathryn Wheelbarger, the U.S. acting assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs, and Robertas Sampronas, the Lithuanian defense ministry’s policy director, signed the pact on Tuesday, the Pentagon announced.

The “road map” describes five broad policy objectives for the two countries between 2019 and 2024: strengthening cooperation in training, exercises and exchanges; deterrence in the Baltic Sea region, including improved maritime domain awareness; intelligence sharing; cooperation in multinational operations; and cyber defense.

The plan to sign defense-cooperation agreements with the three Baltic states stems from the U.S.-Baltic Strategic Dialogue in November 2018. Estonia and Latvia are working with Pentagon officials to sign similar agreements.

The US is waging an economic war on Venezuela and running a regime-change operation in Caracas, and threatening possible outright war (“all options are on the table”). Russia is doing no such thing in respect to Lithuania. If anything Lithuania as part of EU and NATO is attempting some of that against Russia.

  1. emwatcher says

    Canada’s cold war government has troops in Latvia prodding the bear. The granddaughter of a Ukrainian Nazi is foreign minister, which may explain her hatred of Russia and support of the coup-installed, neo-nazi-backed Ukrainian regime.

  2. silver749 says

    I seem to remember the EU getting a peace award for not being in any wars since 1993. Most NATO countries who attacked Yugoslavia Afghanistan Iraq Syria Yemen are in the European Union. None of those counties attacked any NATO country 1st. Bin laden was a Saudi.

    1. emwatcher says

      You left out Libya, a peaceful NATO bombing operation to ruin the country.

      1. silver7 says

        Yeh sorry that’s nearly N° 1 for the worst example of Stoltenberg crimes. The law is now Nato attacks all when they want instead of if one is attacked all are attacked.

  3. Ron Wheeler says

    Marko – your articles are great – thank you for your contribution in educating the masses. The big question is, why am I getting educated by a foreigner who writes superb English (as a second language), knows more about US history than many of us who are born and educated in the US? Does someone have an answer to this question? I am here awaiting with note pad and pen,

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