US Senate Votes in $700 Billion “Defense” Budget. Mad Pooch Mattis Questions Whether the US Can Survive

Dramatic much?

Days ago the US Senate approved a record $700 billion Pentagon budget.That was actually more than what Trump asked for, which in itself was more than what the military asked for.

So of course days later, Defense Secretary Mattis complains that “budgetary uncertainty” has him questioning “whether or not America has the ability to survive”.

The gripe Mattis has is with a theoretical cap the Congress put on military spending in 2011. A cap which has failed to prevent the already absurd US military spending from rising every year, and reaching the hilarious $700 billion proposed for next budgetary year.

It must not be a very good cap.

The US famously accounts for about one half of world’s military spending. For comparison’s sake Russia spends about $50 billion on its military per annum, and China about $150 billion.

Their military chiefs manage to get through the year without fearing for their nation’s survival.

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