US Senate to Consider Bill Designating Russia a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”

This from people who have fought multiple wars on the side of al-Qaeda

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a bill recognizing Russia as a “sponsor of terrorism.” This was announced by the director of public relations and press of the chairman of the committee Susanne Ress.

According to her, the initiative “obliges the Secretary of State to determine whether the Russian Federation should be considered a country – the sponsor of terrorism.”

In addition, the document is about declaring armed groups in eastern Ukraine to be foreign terrorist organizations.

Now the project will be considered by the Senate in full force. If the document is adopted, the head of the Department of State must submit a decision to the legislator within 90 days.

The list of states sponsoring terrorism is compiled by the US Foreign Office. Currently, it includes Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan.

Source: Teller Report

  1. Richard Monette says


  2. 𝙆𝙧𝙖𝙯𝙮 𝙐𝙣𝙘𝙡𝙚 says

    The U.S. has been involved in conflicts around the world, for all but 22 years of its history.
    How many conflicts has Russia been involved in during that time?
    The West in general, and the U.S. in particular are the biggest Terrorist states in the world.

  3. tom greg says

    Boy those Yanks sound tough. Funny how they won’t fly anywhere near a S-400 though…

  4. Mary E says

    Oh Boy! the US is going to ‘get Russia’ one way or another….and this one, of course,
    is absolutely delusional. But….the Empire wants Russia on their Official bad boy list so
    other countries will back away from it…and why you may ask? Well, two ‘reasons’ immediately come to mind, though there are others of course: 1-Russia’s military prowess is far superior to the US and that must stop – they can’t abide Russia dominating in such a brazen fashion- it makes the US hegemon pushers look like dummies (well, if the shoe fits)..and
    2- Russia is very successful in its infrastructure department! Look at the bridges ..and roads.. and public buildings… and gigantic stadiums! There is a number 3 that I can’t leave out: Russia joining with China’s Belt and Road project!
    It is international and more countries are coming on board all the time..leaving the US just where it belongs …isolated.
    If one wants to check out the biggest terrorist in the world, take a close look at all the wars that the US has started…and continues to start! And try to name one year in the past 70 or more that the US has not been in a war..most of them to steal a natural resource….Washington (except for its president)wants war with Russia so badly it is salivating all over itself.

    1. Bob Trajkoski says

      It’s time for the American people to get on the streets or the nuts will kill us all

    2. AriusArmenian says

      The US will drag the rest of the Anglosphere and also its EU vassals down with it. I had hoped that the EU would wake up but the US via NATO totally controls it. EU leaders are bought off by the US stuffing dollars into their pockets. I see nothing in the West. The future humanity that is trying to be born is coming out of the East – the US elites know it and are trying to spike it.

      1. Bob Trajkoski says

        Uncle Sam is old and senile and about to deay sick

  5. AriusArmenian says

    US branding Russia a state sponsor of terrorism will point the US brain dead ‘war on terror’ machine at it. It will be a big step toward eventual all out war.

    The US media will keep the American people from any idea of where this is going. The war will come suddenly, like out of nowhere, with the media providing all the justifying narratives to make it ‘obvious’.

    Watching the entire West sinking into this lunacy is depressing.

  6. DarkEyes says

    The air in Washinton?
    Suddenly there is something strange hanging in that air.
    Their parliament/congress have become completely insane.
    After recognizing “the error with Yemen” and 200.000 people killed by war and starvation US politics have the nerve to judge other countries?

    Here you have the biggest terroristsgroup of the planet acting if they are God and distributing all kinds of slogans, punishments and sanctions on and to every one or country they hate and they desperately want to conquer/control for the resources.
    Their greed and power know no limits.

    Thank heaven for the people and countries outside the insane zone of Washinton D.C. having Russia, China, to talk to like equals.
    Yes, these countries with their leader are sane.

    AIPAC Government have installed themselves now definitely and in power over US and USA.

    1. OzricTentacle says

      Totally agree. It seems nothing even remotely sane can come from DC anymore. At the same time, I think it might be ‘normal’ for people in the highest ranks of power to become very disconnected with reality, in no small amount due the fact they willingly or actively let 9/11 happen and all the ensuing wars and suffering globally. All this misery they created must in some way or form be returned to them, that is the law of action and reaction. They clearly are losing their minds.

      1. Mary E says

        Yep…totally delusional! And lest we forget: Washington did 9/11/01..
        all in the effort to invade a country that was starting to pull away from the
        US and its ‘international ‘projects’…

        1. DarkEyes says

          Could it be, Mary E, this 9/11 also served as an important jump forward in the jooish plans to further conquer USA and as an support for the breaking down of “We, The People”‘s rights?

          When you look back what happened to our freedom, BS of Political Correctness, planning for a Second Civil War in America to get as many people killed as possible. You know their trick of “suiciding” the people? Their hate speeches about Russia, China and every nation against their idea of being ruled by AIPAC?

          Keep your current President thru 2020 Elections. The savest way to avoid wars. Mr Trump is not ruling Foreign Policy that is done by another “department”.

  7. CHUCKMAN says

    “There is pleasure sure in being mad that none but madmen know.”

    1. LS says

      As usual, you have missed the mark. Dummy.

  8. John Rourke says

    Not surprised at all lol

  9. DarkEyes says

    May I recommend a short lesson in the History of the American Republic?
    For the American people.
    It explains in an understandable way using plain language what is the state, the Federation and the United States and who rules and how it came to it.

    The American people have been taken by the Nose for one-hundred-and-fifty years or more and that situation, is still to this day on. Hold on, do not get excitet, the rest of the world have been taken by the Nose as well.

    It explaines how to get your country back in a fully legal and non-violent way.
    BTW, it is not only France, Germany, Britiain and Italy claiming back their nation from EU Globalists, something you must know,

    A condition is as I understand, you have to get up from your chair, get some paperwork done to start the claim. The more people are acting the quicker it works.
    May I again recommend you should read the book Judge Anna von Reitz has written?
    In my opinion it is very important for Americans.

    The small book of twenty-two pages written by judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska explains the situation from history times up till now about America and what to do to get it back. This book can be downloaded for free.

    Copy the address, paste it into your URL area and off it goes.

    For more information about The Republic and situations see more articles written by the Judge. There are more than 2100 articles written thru the years.

    And do not forget to move your a***s! (sorry, I do not want to be rude).
    Good luck to you, American people, for you are, then, also doing a very good job for the world. We will be grateful to you all.

  10. Mikhail Garchenko says

    This “made my day”, LOL..!!!!
    (((they))) can´t be MORE stupids. The Saker is right in his assessments.
    Poor American people, with all these cockroaches “ruling” them…

    1. Jozo Magoc says

      Zionist cucarachas….

  11. LS says

    These goofs can make any declarations or designations they like. The world is passing them by.

    Godspeed to Russia, China, Syria, and Iran.

    1. Styx says

      “The world is passing them by.”

      Wouldn’t that be nice ..

    2. Mary E says

      Hear! Hear!

        1. George Evans says

          and maybe Bush ???

  12. Styx says


    The sooner Russia launches a full-scale nuclear attack on United States of America – the better.

    I mean – it is pretty obvious that the country which purposefully reincarnated and supported Islamic jihad and Islamic terrorism to the tune of trillions of dollars ever since the President Jimmy Carter administration, via a special programme devised by Zbigniew Brzezinski, which gave one billion dollars and Stinger missiles to the Islamic jihadists in Afghanistan, could not, would not and under any given circumstances will not understand any other language.


    Sadly, Uncle Vladimir is far too kind, far too soft and far too descent to do anything of a kind.

    How EXTREMELY disappointing.

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