US Secretary of the Navy Says His Priorities Are ‘China, Culture, Climate, and COVID’

Excerpted from Strategic Guidance From the Secretary of the Navy:

Since my confirmation as the 78th Secretary of the Navy, I have characterized the most pressing challenges facing the Department of the Navy as the “Four Cs”: China, Culture, Climate Change, and COVID. The People’s Republic of China represents the pacing challenge against which we must plan our warfighting strategies and investments. Cultural challenges that we must tackle include confronting sexual assault and harassment, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, preventing suicide, and demanding integrity and accountability across our naval leadership.

Climate change poses a rapidly intensifying spectrum of risks to our operating environment, our allies and partners, and our planet. And COVID has posed an unprecedented test of the resilience of our people, their families, and our health system. We must tackle these Four Cs with a sustained sense of urgency and a strong bias for action.

  1. William White says

    What a load!

  2. yuri says

    “amerikans are the living refutation of the cartesian cogito ergo sum. amerikans are yet they do not think. the amerikan mind puerile and primitive lacks characteristic form and is therefore open to any standardization”. Julius Evola

    1. Pablo says

      Typical Americans are not only ignorant they think they are well informed! In addition your typical American is very hardened in their opinions; they are difficult to get them to change their minds on a subject.

      1. Tzvi says

        I honestly think that goes for most people. If most people around the world would consistently re-evaluate and re-examine their opinions based on logic the world would be a better place.

  3. Rebel Forever says

    Just another ‘woke’ intellectual midget feeding at the taxpayers’ trough. He and the stupid blonde are pretty much on the same level…..moronic.

  4. Mr Reynard says

    US Secretary of the Navy which Fleet will you send to fight Climate Change & COVIDIOCY ?? Second Fleet ?? Third ?? Fourth ? Fifth ?? Sixth ?? Seventh ?? or the Tenth ??
    Maybe all of them together ??

  5. Raptar Driver says

    When I was a kid the darkies weren’t even considered Americans.
    Now they run the show.
    Goodbye White America.

    1. Tzvi says

      Not convinced this is a race issue. As far as I can see it is a cultural, education, and Political appointee issue.

      AFAIK he retired after 22 years in the navy as a Commander in rank, and actually commanded a destroyer…

      Del Toro was born in Havana, so maybe he thinks he is anti-communist, too bad he will “tow the line” and go full bore “climate change”, but that is why he got the job, willing to kiss a$$ and has some real qualifications as well. 😉

      I would also like your opinion on darker skinned Americans Like Herman Cain, Alan Keyes, Allen West, etc.

  6. GMC says

    Afterall, he is only a secretary.

    1. Tzvi says

      Of the biggest branch of the USA military, a navy with its own Army ( Marines) and Air Core ( carriers).

  7. Séamus says

    Is there anyone in the US with even limited intelligence. This “secretary of the navy” and his inane ramblings just prove how degenerate that “country” has become in its race to third-world status……there’s no evidence of any return to even a semblance of normality.

    1. ken says


  8. padre says

    I am totally amazed that sane and intelligent people can utter out such idiotic sentences, and not be ashamed of themselves!

  9. ken says

    Carlos Del Toro was born in Havana Cuba. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering at the Navel Academy. How he got there is a mystery. So in that period of time you had to be pretty smart to graduate from the academy.

    This goes to show how intelligent people can be easily dragged down by political correctness.A man of his caliber for sure knows Globull Warming is a scam along with Covid so he is in it for the ride.

    So it appears the entire military has been compromised and the recent get the clotshot or get out will finish the purge.

    1. Tzvi says

      I am in agreement with you Ken, and if you look at his wiki photo vs. the photo here his eyes have black bags underneath, looks like he took the shot.

      One sad waste of a Human, one sad waste of Humankind

  10. K Hawk says

    Why would anyone join the military or allow their children to pursue a military career.
    The anti white racism is endemic and the American woke culture is NOT worthy of defense nor exportation. Don’t join the US military.

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