US Regime Lemmings Want a ‘Vaccine Passport’ Requirement to Enter a Gym, but Voter ID Is Fascism

Funny how that works. You’ll need to share medical information on yourself to get a haircut, but citizen IDs that allow you to partake in the running of the republic are fascism.

Things that are definitely not fascism:

  • The “merging of physical and digital identities”
  • lockdown surveillance drones
  • tracing apps,
  • “track and trace”
  • house arrest
  • curfews
  • mandatory business shutdowns
  • compulsory breathing hole coverings
  • ban on protest

Things that are fascism:

  • Distributing the citizens of your republic with a proof of citizenship in said republic.

If republicanism is desirable is debatable, but what is not debatable, is that you can not actually do republicanism (a club run by its members) without having a way to establish who is a member of the club entitled to help run it.

Since you’re already handing out “vaccine passports” (or want to) maybe these could double as voter ID? That ardent Trump supporters, libertarians, conservatives, anti-vaxxers, non-conformists, and the Amish would therefore be disqualified from voting is an added bonus.

Or maybe they’ll just have to present a vaccine passport to enter a polling station?

You know, so that they don’t spread their diseases.

  1. yuri says

    vaccine passport required to vote for sado masochistic senile bidet

  2. ken says

    Good article…

    No form of government works. They eventually ignore laws and constitutions while the citizens ignore the government. In the West, add woke stupidity, depravity, and cultural destruction to the mix you have massive untenable problems. The West is going down fast and hard. Any freedom and liberty is just distant memories.

  3. yuri says

    most recent poll
    57% dims support Covid passport in USA
    33% GOP support

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