US Navy Loves to Make China ‘Nervous’ — Off the Coast of China

Imagine a Chinese paper celebrating the fact a Chinese strike group in the Caribbean kept US on its toes

‘Great’ headline in the Navy Times:

This strike group made China nervous — even without an aircraft carrier

The Navy Times is a privately owned paper meaning it can be a lot more candid than the admirals. Instead of getting the PR nonsense about “reassuring our allies”, you get what navy men actually think.

And what they think is that it’s a hoot to sail half a world across to make China nervous — in the South China Sea.


For perspective imagine a Chinese paper celebrating the ‘success’ of a hypothetical deployment of PLA’s Navy to the Gulf of Mexico in making the US nervous.

The Navy Times reports the US is not there because any of the neighboring nations asked it to be, instead it is the US taking it upon herself to be the referee between them:

During their patrols in the region, all three ships made close passes of Chinese-claimed islands. Most recently the Decatur conducted a freedom of navigation operation in the Paracel Islands, which are claimed by Taiwan, Vietnam and China. The U.S. conducts the so-called FONOPS to challenge what they view as excessive claims by all parties and not just China.

If anything that just makes it worse. If they’re not enforcing anyone’s claim; neither their own, nor of another state then they shouldn’t be there — or revel in making China “nervous”.

  1. Dr. Ronald Cutburth says

    Interesting that the US navy and the local news think that tiny group of ships makes China nervous. China would be only nervous with the thought of killing all those sailors in a few minutes. I am happy to see they did not bring along their more vulnerable air craft carrier. That one ship may have 4-5 thousand sailors on it and can be sunk in 15 minutes. The entire move to pressure China over its sovereign islands is insane. The US thinks it owns at least a dozen islands on other Sourth Pacific areas. Hillary Clinton claims that we own the entire pacific ocean because we won WWII so she said in her presidential debate. The bottom line is the US wants to make more wars. They have forced China to build a bigger navy to protect its self. The US gov is driven by the new World order zionist bankster cabal who Putin calls the global mafia. China has shown incredible restraint but also strong resistance.

    1. Marko Marjanović says

      Indeed. I think there wasn’t a carrier involved is very telling. Since China’s land-based anti-ship missiles now have greater range than carrier-operated aircraft the US Navy is really in a pinch. There is actually a debate now whether the enormously costly carriers have a role to play on the first day of a hypothetical war with China — which of course they don’t. This deployment of destroyers might very well be a part of a process for the Navy to figure a way to still be a menace without risking its precious carriers — or better put, to delude itself that it can be.

  2. Dr. Ronald Cutburth says

    The US NAVY through army reported they know the Chinese have heavy high speed cruise missiles that can sink our air craft carriers. So they have made it a plan to stay away from China mainland shores, also stay way from the North Korea shores for the same reason. I read a 10 year old article about it in the US Army War College Strategic Studies Institute publication. Thus our military are being miss used by being pushed into dangerous situations for political ends. Fact is it is the zionist main stream media globalists that are promoting WWIII One other stay away event ocurred. When Obama put two air craft carrier groups in the medeteranian sea near Syria, Obama intended to bomb Syria. Then Putin moved in a heavy destroyer (MOSKVA) with those mach three heavy carrier sinking cruise missiles. That is when our air craft carriers left the area. Finally I saw a report by a CIA officer several days before the election who said that 15 intelligence agencies will stop Hillary Clinton from being elected.

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