US Mission to Ukraine in Exile Confirms Kiev Is Russia’s Oldest Capital

US Embassy in Kiev first fled to Lviv, and then fled to Poland. But it has not fled Twitter.

Instead, it has posted this delightful meme:

I am not sure what the US Embassy in Lublin, Poland was trying to accomplish, or thought it was saying.

Yes, Kiev was already old (centuries so) when Moscow was still a forest. It was Kiev which was the center of Rus and was the capital to present-day Russians.

As far as the Russians are concerned Kiev is one of their three historic capitals, alongside Moscow and Petersburg, and by far the oldest of the three.

Americans pointing out that their first capital is incomparably older than their second one doesn’t exactly rock the Russians’ boat.

  1. Peter says

    You know, they are really stupid….

  2. P.S. says

    Add pictures of Washington from that time.

    1. Terry says

      That would show the true first-nations inhabitants. All the others are immigrants from the dregs of Europe.

    2. Healthyunvaxxedskeptic says

      Mostly swamp just like today.

  3. kombijakov says

    What a beautiful Moscow. Breathtaking

    1. tobi999 says
      I love it! Спасибо
  4. GMC says

    They should have a photo of the Huge US Embassy Compound in Kiev that the taxpayers just lost. We’re talking some serious money for that CIA Mansion.

  5. Ray says

    What about Novgorod

  6. Chacko Kurian says

    The capital of the great Kievan Rus empire. Prince Vladimir was the Grand Prince of Kievan Rus when Orthodoxy was introduced in Russia. What’s in a name I wonder.
    It is enjoyable reading the exploits of his knights although they are probably more myth than truth. But what matters is that these stories and exploits are part of the Russian soul. No one has any right to deny or erase that.

  7. nnn says

    Goddamn idiots

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