US Military Visits East Ukraine Frontline to See How Their Weapons Are Doing

A team from the Kiev Defense Attache Office checks if the killing is good

The delegation of the Defence Attaché Office at the US Embassy in Ukraine visited the zone – known as the “Operation of Joint Forces” – where the Ukrainian Army has been systematically exterminating the people of Donbass since the coup in Kiev in 2014.

The delegation became acquainted with the “operational situation” and also the “service conditions” of the American equipment transferred to the Ukrainian military for the purpose of massacring Russians.

“On the territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions diplomats examined the current security policy and the operational situation around carrying out the operation, and also held meetings with the command of crews and battalions for a discussion about the operational situation in the areas of their responsibility,” it is said in the message posted on Facebook by the UAF’s press service.

In addition, the American military personnel studied information obtained by units of the so-called “Joint Forces”concerning the “tactics of action of units (groups) of the Russian occupational troops and the actions for counteraction that are used by the Ukrainian military personnel”.

“The research of service conditions of the American equipment provided within the framework of material and logistical assistance to our country became one more area of work of the delegation,” it is said in the information.

Source: Stalker Zone

  1. Garry Compton says

    Ya well, once those in Ukraine , that are eligible for RF pass ports and receive them , may make those those US/NWO army yes men , think twice about opening their big mouth around Donbass. They may get bullet between their treasonist eyes.

    1. Garry Compton says

      Ps Americans were never told much about how mant frags { grenades} were thrown at officers and sargents in Nam because the enlisted/ draftees caught on to the bogus wars. This could happen in Ukraine – also.

  2. JustPassingThrough says

    sold the stuff that was useable.
    scrapped the rest

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