US Military Spokesman Says Idlib Is a Magnet for Terrorist Groups Who Are a “Menace and a Threat” to Its Civilians

Read this in the context of Turkey asking for US air defenses and fighters to back its Idlib campaign

The spokesman for the US-led anti-ISIS coalition in Syria and Iraq:

Understand this in the context of Turkey asking for US air defenses and fighters to back it in its floundering Idlib campaign. The Pentagon for all its professional irritation with the Russians has little affinity for Erdogan, and even less so for his jihadi godchildren.

Remember that even in the heyday of US support for Syria’s Islamist rebels it was largely the CIA which funneled arms and money to them, while the Pentagon largely stuck to building up the secular Kurdish YPG.

Being put at Erdogan’s disposal against Russia and ultimately on the behalf of al-Qaeda is not a proposition that fills the US military brass with joy.

That’s why they are taking time off to remind everyone Idlib is run by bin Ladenites. I find it notable that the US spokesman specifically says the problem is that Idlib is “ungoverned” that is to say, outside Syrian government control. Likewise, he expresses sympathy for civilians but identifies “terror groups” as the source of their hardship countering the Turkish narrative that al-Qaeda’s control of Idlib must be preserved on the behalf of its civilians

  1. tapatio says

    The US military, like its Zionist bosses in Washington, fails to comprehend that Idlib is an issue for the LEGITIMATE SYRIAN government and its allies to resolve – NOT the Judeo-Nazis’ sock-puppets and their mercenary terrorists.

  2. Chris Chuba says

    This is the closest thing that the Pentagon has to a whistleblower. Unlike other depts, Pentagon officials issue these type of statements all of the time but our lazy incompetent MSM doesn’t pick up on it.

    1. tapatio says

      “Whistle blower”? That’s like saying that Zio-Nazi General Wesley Clark was a whistle blower for bragging about how many countries we were going to destroy for the Jews.

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