US Military Aid to Kiev Passes After Trump Backs Johnson

6-month deadlock ends immediately after Johnson-Trump meeting

Ukraine aid bill was stuck for nearly 6 months because the GOP House Speaker Michael Johnson, afraid for his political future, wouldn’t put it up for a vote.

The issue was that while Democrats were desperate to pass the aid, his own Republicans had certain qualms about some aspects of it.

Also Republicans wanted concessions from Democrats on other issues in order to pass it, since the Democrats wanted this more.

The group of Republicans who most opposed the aid bill warned Johnson that putting up the bill up for a vote for Democrats to pass would result in a vote to oust him as Speaker.

However on April 12 Johnson and Trump met and Trump heaped praise on Johnson.

Within days of the meeting, Johnson signaled he would put the bill up for a vote.

April 20 the bill went up for a vote and passed despite most Republicans voting against it.

Nearly half a year of indecision ends as soon as Johnson makes the pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago where Trump publicly backs him as Speaker. Draw your own conclusions.


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