US Massacres 32 Afghan Pine Nut Harvesters Then Kills Another 40 at a Wedding Reception

Time for gun control on the occupiers?

For the second time in a week, a US military operation in Afghanistan has ended with a large number of civilians dead, and US officials offering very dubious arguments as to why it wasn’t their fault.

The Sunday night attack saw US and Afghan commandos raid a house in Helmand Province, and ultimately launch airstrikes. The attack killed at least 40 civilians, including a number of children.

Instead of the Taliban building they thought they were raiding, it turns out the airstrike pounded an ongoing wedding reception. The Afghan government has already admitted to what happened, saying they are “saddened” by the deaths and want to take extra caution in the future.

Because the US is on one of those kicks where they don’t take responsibility for anything, the US statement confirmed the airstrike but denied killing civilians. They claimed the attack targeted al-Qaeda, and suggested any civilians “died from al-Qaeda weapons,” and not from the US dropping bombs on them.

This all comes just days after an incident in Nangarhar Province, where the US attacked and killed scores of civilian farm laborers who were fired for a pine nut harvest. This attack was launched even though the village in question specifically informed everyone weeks in advance that the harvest was happening ,and got assurances they wouldn’t be attacked.

The US attacked, of course, killing 32 civilians, including children. The US went on to claim everyone was pretending to be harvesting pine nuts, and that it was secretly all ISIS people.

The Pentagon’s priorities on Afghanistan have changed repeatedly throughout the war, sometimes admitting to and apologizing for civilian casualties, while other times they deny everything. Either way, the end result is to sweep it under the rug with no policy changes, and the number of civilian deaths continues apace.


  1. Matthew Abbott says

    Your source is “”, how unbiased. Get out of my face with this degenerate drivel.

  2. John C Carleton says

    The USA sheep do not care.
    They worship at the alter uf the USA god!

    USA Is The god Of The American Sheep, They just Cannot Agree, On Who The Son Of The Devil Should Be, Trump or Biden

  3. maid3marian says

    Why are you using a picture of the Columbine massacre to support your story?

  4. Mary E says

    So what if the people were pretending to be pine nut harvesters or not? they could be pretending to be doctors or camel herders It is not the US business to interfere with daily Afghanistan business nor is it their ‘job’ to get the Taliban out of Afghanistan! It just isn’t their affair and US troops should never have been there in the first place….can anyone give one good reason why they should be? I didn’t think so!

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    This is all America has done from the beginning in Afghanistan.

    It’s a dirty shame, but then that’s true of virtually the entire American foreign policy.

    1. Ellen Cantarow says

      This is all America has done since the white European settlers exterminated the original inhabitants of the region.

  6. thomas malthaus says

    I dared to criticize Israel in an post and it was removed.
    So much for credibility.

    1. robin hensel says


  7. temujin1970 says

    Our beloved peace loving empire, bring love and democracy to all.

    1. Mary E says

      Yes, the US has only the highest of intentions when they invade and decimate a country which has done nothing to them to deserve being obliterated. I suspect that the peace loving US is testing all their new weaponry out on the Middle Eastern countries so they are prepared to go after the big targets sometime in the future…but, alas, that will never happen….they don’t have what it takes to rule the world peacefully. In the meantime, get the hell out of countries that never wanted you there in the first place, Captain Democracy and give up your pretence of peace….the world sees you for what you really are!

    2. therevolutionwas says

      And unfortunately, there are a majority of US citizens who are unaware and want to remain that way. Unless it involves them directly they just do not want to know.

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