US Issues Travel Ban & Evacuates Diplomatic Staff From Bolivia After ‘Pro-Democracy’ Coup Fails to Quell Violent Unrest

Empire-instigated coup against a duly elected President fails to stabilize the country?? Shocking!

The State Department has ordered family members of US government workers to vacate Bolivia and authorized the departure of non-essential diplomatic staff, as protests and violent clashes across the country only intensified as opposition politician Jeanine Añez declared herself “interim president” following the forced resignation of Evo Morales.

“The US government has limited ability to provide emergency services to US citizens,” the State Department said in an advisory issued on Tuesday announcing the evacuations and establishing a travel ban on the country. The missive warned of “recurring demonstrations, strikes, roadblocks, and marches in major cities in Bolivia.”

Bolivia has been wracked by violent protests since late October’s presidential election, in which opposition figures refused to accept Morales’s victory. After weeks of unrest over the disputed result, top military brass pressured the socialist leader’s resignation, forcing Morales flee the country and seek political asylum in Mexico in what he slammed as a coup.

Despite the State Department’s abrupt evacuation notice and travel ban, which appear to recognize the deteriorating situation in Bolivia, Wash ington hailed Morales’ resignation as a triumph for “democracy” and the “will of the people.”

Source: RT

Chaos Sweeps Bolivia as Senator Declares Herself President

Security forces move against Morales supporters

Chaos continues in Bolivia on Tuesday as former President Morales slowly made his way to exile in Mexico. Morales’ supporters are in the streets condemning the military for an effective takeover in the past few days, while security forces are squaring off against them and vowing to maintain order.

Sen. Jeanine Anez, the deputy senate speaker, moved Tuesday to unilaterally declare herself interim president of Bolivia, saying she intends to see elections “as soon as possible.”

Anez had hoped to be voted into the position by the Senate, but lacking a quorum, she decided to just declare herself the new leader. Only Morales’ critics showed up, which wasn’t enough to have a quorum for a vote.

Morales was deeply critical of Anez taking over, saying she was a “coup-mongering right-wing senator.” Morales’ party had said they were trying to get guarantees as a condition to attend the session of the senate, but were unable to do so.


  1. DarkEyes says

    Sen. Jeanine Anez has declared herself as the “acting President” of Bolivia.
    Her entrée into the regime changed government of Bilivia has been a very dangerous one for by stating “all Indians” (indigenous people of Bilivia) do not belong in the cities.
    IOW they have to be sent back from where they “belong”.

    Nice lady. Must have got her “political education” from CIA, MI6 & Mossad combined.
    By this racist remark she might try to split the country and then let them fight and kill each other.

    It could be she herself has her roots of “the Indians”.

  2. DarkEyes says

    US might be dreaming of a regime change in Mexico. Well, IMO they can forget that one.
    If they invade Mexico it might as well be the last country on the planet they try to do a regime change. US military will be destroyed.

  3. Garry Compton says

    The State Dept has a sign up list that is supposed to send you a terrorist alert e mail from the embassy, in the country you and the Embassy folks are living, working, or temporarily living. I signed up in Kiev – never got any warning e mail when the maidan erupted. lol It must be a need to know only situation – since the only ones left in the US Embassies are the CIA and the nationals that do all the internal work. Morales and the rest of the countries , should know this by now.

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