US Delivers Military Cargo to Ukraine as It Hypes Russian Movements

Since 2014 the US has provided Kiev with $2 billion in military aid

While hyping the movement of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine, the US has delivered multiple military shipments to Kyiv.

A  Newsweek report that cited local media said that over the past two weeks, the US had made three military cargo deliveries to Ukraine. On March 25th, 350 tonnes of cargo was delivered by ship to the Black Sea port city of Odesa in southern Ukraine. Included in the delivery were 35 Humvees.

On April 2nd, a US Air Force C-17A Globemaster III military transport aircraft flew to Kyiv from a US base in Germany. On April 4th, another C-17A Globemaster III landed in the western city of Lviv. It’s not clear what the planes were carrying, but the C-17A Globemaster IIIs can transport up to 102 troops and 77 tons of cargo.

Since the US-backed coup in Kyiv in 2014 that sparked the fighting in the eastern Donbas region, the US has provided Ukraine with more than $2 billion in military aid. The Pentagon recently announced a new $125 million package for Ukraine that includes armed patrol boats, and another $150 million is expected to be provided sometime this year.

The news of the military deliveries come as tensions in the region are skyrocketing. Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky is calling for Ukraine to become a full-fledged member of NATO and is traveling to the conflict zone in Donbas on Thursday.


  1. ken says

    The US is supplying crap to the Ukies. Boats that would make even the Iranians laugh. They have very little in the way of air defenses,,, a ridiculous air farce, and as I said a laughable navy.

    They do have reasonable artillery but use it to kill women and children, homes and businesses. Something the US has been good at since WWII.

    If they provoke the Russians enough I give them less than a week. Two weeks if Russia decides to dictate terms in Kyiv.

    I don’t see the US or Nato involvement other than mouthing off. Even if they decided to help I don’t change my timeline. The US has decent air defenses,,, some decent aircraft excepting the F35. But trying to fight off the Russian air force in Russia’s backyard will be impossible.

    On the ground,,, with the US / Nato woke military,,, they don’t stand a chance. The Russians and Donbas will mow them down.

    The above is a sane overview but I don’t see much sanity in the West today. Hell, they’re trying to eliminate their own populations with the lockdowns and poisonous jabs. I imagine the West could go nuclear which will be disastrous for everyone.

    The only thing good about nuclear over being killed with the lockdowns and ‘vaccines’ is the fact that Gates, Schwab, et al and their paid for tyrannical governments will be killed off/destroyed as well.

  2. Mr Reynard says

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