US Coast Guard Warns of an “Unsafe” Russian Ship off East Coast

A surveillance ship puts the shoe on the other foot

Click-hungry CNN running away with it

The US Coast Guard has issued a warning to boaters off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia to watch out for an “unsafe” Russian spy ship that has been operating off of the US coast.he Russian ship, the Viktor Leonov, is avoiding direct contact with any ships, and was operating near a US submarine base. The Coast Guard urged US boaters to report any “erratic” moves it makes.

The most recent reports were that the Viktor Leonov was near the Bahamas, and the destroyer USS Mahan is reported to be shadowing the ship. The proximity of spy ships to the coast are often used by officials to dial up rhetoric, with Trump threatening in 2017 to shoot a Russian ship out of the water, though he ultimately never attempted to do so.

The US has not indicated how any of this is “in an unsafe manner,” though the ship apparently turned off its locator when it started operating near the US coast, which is not unusual for a surveillance ship in a rival nation’s waters.


  1. Mikhail Garchenko says

    …they can´t be more infantile, stupids and hypocrites, LOL..!!!

  2. DarkEyes says

    Good for Russia. Finally show “their nose”.
    How dare these pesky Ruskies have a “look” at our country. And sailing our Atlantic!

    CNN, I hope you will tell the American people that In the meantime the American people should know their leaders are sending “We the People”‘s navy vessels near Russian territorial waters, in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea just to watch and to provoke the Russian navy.

    Could be the Russian Navy is just answering politely to let them feel how it is to be watched. From a distance! In international waters. What is your problem?

  3. JustPassingThrough says

    “unsafe manner?”

  4. Aurum Cimex says

    Avoiding direct contact with any ships is unsafe? All it needs is China to send a couple of trawlers to sail up and down the west coast and America would collectively go insane.

  5. Canosin says

    the LGTB armed forces are freaking out…… woooow…..
    they are running out of diapers….. woooosh
    one little unarmed russian spy ship….. scaaaaary

    1. Ricky Miller says

      It’s lightly armed, with several AK-630 systems useful for defending against approaching small boats or attacking missiles in small numbers. It’s also possible but not likely to have the capability of carrying a single Kanyon atomic torpedo. I doubt it but I don’t know. What I do know is that it is nothing like simulating mass bombing runs against Crimea or Kaliningrad Oblast, which is what the U.S. did in November. The avoidance of radio contact and the turning off of navigation lighting seems to serve no operational purpose other than trolling. It might be, in some measure a payback for the summer incident where a U.S. destroyer failed to yield the right of way to a Russian warship despite International maritime rules requiring it to do so based on positioning. And then the U.S. making juvenile excuses for that conduct.

  6. Canosin says

    as expected. .. once Russia sends a ship “near” the US coast, the LGTB armed forces are getting very nervous…… imagine if it was a Chinese ship…… or both navies start sailing up and down the east and west coast… not to mention the Gulf of Mexico…… the shops would be depleted of diapers for the “invincible” and greatest military power world has ever seen….

  7. Ilya says

    Is it in international waters?

    Honestly, if ‘the Russians were truly coming’, the US would not see them coming.. Subs over surface ships is the motto of that navy, Russia would never send surface ships to do anything damaging to the US – it is just idiotic since the invention of the missile!

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