US-China Relations Have Just Been Destroyed, and Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again

"US and China are now enemies, and ultimately that is going to result in a tremendous amount of pain for the entire planet"

Editor’s note: I couldn’t agree more with the view laid out here. Not only the American public, the US governing class itself doesn’t understand the full repercussions of what to them is little more than a symbolic declaration to claim moral high ground for themselves and have a group feel good moment.

Our relationship with China just went from bad to worse, and most Americans don’t even realize that we just witnessed one of the most critical foreign policy decisions of this century. The U.S. Senate just unanimously passed the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019”, and the Chinese are absolutely seething with anger.  Violent protests have been rocking Hong Kong for months, and the Chinese have repeatedly accused the United States of being behind the protests.  Whether that is true or not, the U.S. Senate has openly sided with the protesters by passing this bill, and there is no turning back now.

The protesters in Hong Kong have been waving American flags, singing our national anthem and they have made it exceedingly clear that they want independence from China.  And all of us should certainly be able to understand why they would want that, because China is a deeply tyrannical regime.  But to the Chinese government, this move by the U.S. Senate is essentially an assault on China itself.  They are going to argue that the U.S. is inciting a revolution in Hong Kong, and after what the Senate has just done it will be very difficult to claim that is not true.

The Chinese take matters of internal security very seriously, and the status of Hong Kong is one of those issues that they are super sensitive about.  China will never, ever compromise when it comes to Hong Kong, and if the U.S. keeps pushing this issue it could literally take us to the brink of a military conflict.

And you can forget about a comprehensive trade agreement ever happening.  Even if a Democrat is elected in 2020, that Democrat is going to back what the Senate just did.  That is why it was such a major deal that this bill passed by unanimous consent.  It sent a message to the Chinese that Republicans and Democrats are united on this issue and that the next election is not going to change anything.

And the trade deal that President Trump was trying to put together was already on exceedingly shaky ground.  “Phase one” was extremely limited, nothing was ever put in writing, and nothing was ever signed.  And in recent days it became quite clear that both sides couldn’t even agree about what “phase one” was supposed to cover

A spokesperson for China’s Commerce Ministry said earlier this month that both countries had agreed to cancel some existing tariffs simultaneously. Trump later said that he had not agreed to scrap the tariffs, lowering hopes for a deal.

“They’d like to have a rollback. I haven’t agreed to anything,” the president said.

On Tuesday, Trump was visibly frustrated by how things are going with China, and he publicly warned the Chinese that he could soon “raise the tariffs even higher”

President Donald Trump threatened higher tariffs on Chinese goods if that country does not make a deal on trade.

The comments came during a meeting with the president’s Cabinet on Tuesday. The U.S. and China, the world’s two largest economies, have been locked in an apparent stalemate in trade negotiations that have lasted nearly two years.

“If we don’t make a deal with China, I’ll just raise the tariffs even higher,” Trump said in the meeting.

Unfortunately, raising tariffs isn’t going to fix anything at this point.

In fact, Trump can raise tariffs until the cows come home but it isn’t going to cause the Chinese to budge.

That is because on Tuesday evening everything changed.

When they passed the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019” by unanimous consent, the U.S. Senate essentially doused our relationship with China with kerosene and set it on fire.  The following comes from Zero Hedge

In a widely anticipated move, just after 6pm ET on Tuesday, the Senate unanimously passed a bipartisan bill, S.1838,  showing support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong by requiring an annual review of whether the city is sufficiently autonomous from Beijing to justify its special trading status. In doing so, the Senate has delivered a warning to China against a violent suppression of the demonstrations, a stark contrast to President Donald Trump’s near-silence on the issue, the result of a behind the scenes agreement whereby China would allow the S&P to rise indefinitely as long as Trump kept his mouth shut.

As we reported last week, the vote marks the most aggressively diplomatic challenge to the government in Beijing just as the US and China seek to close the “Phase 1” of their agreement to end their trade war. The Senate measure would require annual reviews of Hong Kong’s special status under U.S. law to assess the extent to which China has chipped away the city’s autonomy; in light of recent events, Hong Kong would not pass. It’s unclear what would happen next.

I am finding it difficult to find the words to describe what this means to the Chinese.

We have deeply insulted their national honor, and our relationship with them will never be the same again.

Many will debate whether standing up to China on this issue was the right thing to do, but in this article I am trying to get you to understand that there will be severe consequences for what the U.S. Senate just did.

There isn’t going to be a comprehensive trade deal, the global economy is going to suffer greatly, and the Chinese now consider us to be their primary global adversary.

Shortly after the Senate passed the bill, a strongly worded statement was released by the Chinese government.  The following excerpt comes from the first two paragraphs of that statement

On November 19th, the US Senate passed the “Hong Kong Bill of Rights on Human Rights and Democracy.” The bill disregards the facts, confuses right and wrong, violates the axioms, plays with double standards, openly intervenes in Hong Kong affairs, interferes in China’s internal affairs, and seriously violates the basic norms of international law and international relations. The Chinese side strongly condemns and resolutely opposes this.

In the past five months, the persistent violent criminal acts in Hong Kong have seriously jeopardized the safety of the public’s life and property, seriously trampled on the rule of law and social order, seriously undermined Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability, and seriously challenged the bottom line of the “one country, two systems” principle. At present, what Hong Kong faces is not the so-called human rights and democracy issues, but the issue of ending the storms, maintaining the rule of law and restoring order as soon as possible. The Chinese central government will continue to firmly support the Hong Kong SAR Government in its administration of the law, firmly support the Hong Kong police in law enforcement, and firmly support the Hong Kong Judiciary in punishing violent criminals in accordance with the law, protecting the lives and property of Hong Kong residents and maintaining Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.

For a long time I have been warning that U.S. relations with China would greatly deteriorate, and this is the biggest blow that we have seen yet.

The U.S. and China are now enemies, and ultimately that is going to result in a tremendous amount of pain for the entire planet.

Source: The Economic Collapse

  1. Timothy Seeger says

    China should send all the rioters to the U.S. if america wants to play games , I’m just watching THE CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT 2017 , it’s look into what the U.S. really thinks of the CHINESE .

    1. P. Birds says

      From a Chinese perspective it makes no sense, especially not today, to immigrate to the US. Immigration harms both hosts and poor countries. But I am not a racist, so I would support an anti-immigration act passed in USA only if it did not use racial barriers. Very unlikely given absolute dependency of US institution of foreign workers.

  2. Padre says

    China is a deeply tyrannical regime!You just can’t get off your high horse!China has “tyrannical regime”, while the US is shining example of democracy,what a hypocrisy!You don’t become democratic by just repeating, that you are!What a bunch of democratic people, Trump, Pompeo,Hillary,Obama!You make me lough!

  3. Vish says

    It is finally time for China to Dump the Dollar and end the American Evil Empire.

    Disguised behind its national lies about “freedom” is the bloodstained reality of America’s global Dollar Dictatorship by which the USA weaponize the oh-so-precious Dollar reserve currency status to economically terrorize nations into accepting America’s brand of free market rape and pillage called the Washington Consensus.

    Meanwhile, America overthrows democratically elected governments like Bolivia (Morales), Haiti (Aristide), or Chile (Allende) and then self-righteously runs it mouth about “promoting freedom” in a manner that would make George Orwell envious.

  4. James Willy says

    So is China gonna FINALLY do something, anything at all that MIGHT cost the exceptional ones at least SOMETHING? Probably not. Xi will ALLOW yankys to keep abusing him and his great country and do absolutely NOTHING. Why do his citizens not throw him out and get a man into office that WILL fight back. This Xi is a weakling and refuses to do anything to hurt yankees. His track record is proof. Xi, if he had any credibility at all should TODAY destroy the usd. Kick out every one of these exceptional ones from THEIR country. Seize every usa company in China. Bankrupt them finally you useless turd. Quit talking and take the gloves off and pound the usa into the ground.

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    A troubling, but unfortunately accurate, summary of the situation.

    It may prove nothing less than a world historical watershed, coming, as this stupid Act does, piled on top of all the other American complaints and demands and threats towards China.

    An extremely dangerous turning point. Even that hideous old creature, Henry Kissinger, was just in the news warning about the possible catastrophic effects of a serious divide between America and China.

    The article says, “The Chinese take matters of internal security very seriously.” Of course they do, but please keep in mind that that is no less true of the United States.

    With 17 massive national security agencies, I think it fair to characterize the United States as pretty much “apeshit” on the topic.

    And just look at all the endlessly repeated brain-fried stuff about Russian election interference. It just never stops, almost like babbling from poor sick inmates of an asylum.

    Despite their own paranoid level of concern about security, American leaders seem unable to understand, or have any sympathy with, the concerns of others.

    A complete lack of empathy. I do believe we call that psychopathy.

    1. Linda Wren says

      Also the immense ignorance. China will not let that unwarranted insult go.

  6. LS says

    And I hope US-China relations are destroyed. The US should be ostracized and isolated.

    1. Canosin says

      it will. … just keep patient, while waiting for the collapse of the DisUnited States of Zionist America .. sooner than you would imagine

  7. JustPassingThrough says

    I don’t understand why this is going to be a lot of pain for the whole planet?
    It’s going to be a lot of pain for the US, assuredly.
    Why would the US Senate “cut its nose off to spite its face” before the 2020 elections?

    1. tom greg says

      Well, because as the US crashes they will likely try to take as much down with them as possible.

      1. JustPassingThrough says

        The planet has got it mostly covered, i would venture.
        With all the sanctions there isn’t much left to muck up.

        They’re on their own. Godspeed.

  8. DarkEyes says

    Naturally the US Secret Alphabet, the English MI6, the Israhellian Mossad and NATO GLADIO are deep involved in stimulating chaos in China/Hong Kong and they surely hope the result will become a local civil war with more chaos.

    The AIPAC Government, including our mutual friend George Soros, are quite concentrated on the point to create as much chaos ending in bombing actions later. (Car-, Pipe-, or “Beside the Road”-explosives. The funds are standing by to feed more chaos in Hong Kong.

    (Foreign SSs had to wait for a suitable opportunity which came the moment HK announced to expel criminals to mainland China to start demonstrations and chaos).
    1. the nucleus is to destroy China’s OBOR Action plan which is a good and effective Action plan, it causes the AIPAC/US nightmares to experience having no influence on this for the world’s important project. China did not asked them on the forehand. China did not involve US in the enormous undertaking earning all praise, indeed.
    2. To block China and its South China Sea island-building actionplans.
    3. And of course to more points to close the encircling not only of Russian Federation but also of China. The Generals and Admirals working for their Queen of England are still hanging in their armchairs like running a WWII theater.
    IMO this is dangerous and idiotic.

    The bottleneck is AIPAC Government want to reign over the entire planet before Agenda21/2030 Actionplan reaches its enddate. Now China is in AIPAC thinking double-crossing their plans of world governance. Do not lean on UN for mediating, they are in the plot as well.
    So OBOR has to be blocked ASAP and subsequently destroyed. For without US/AIPAC approval, nothing in the world is allowed without their permission. They are the Hegemon of this planet they think, they have all the rights to be The King of the Earth they think. We are the slaves. This is a case of circus “National Security”.
    And one of the first punishments will be to cancel START according to CIA Pompydumpy.

    So be it. US will be bankrupt within the very near future. The dollar will disappear from the world stage as the blackmail currency. A huge reduction of economic pressure will disappear on the nations of the world of the ones not obeying AIPAC will be punished with holy santions on them. And eventually some extra rain, drought, hurricane or extra ordinary winter/summer.

    1. Linda Wren says

      I would like to point out to you that 50 countries are on the board of AIPAC.

      1. Canosin says

        States not countries. …

  9. LS says

    One country, one system.

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