US Bombs, Obliterates Its Own Syria Base After Withdrawal

Base happens to be Syria's largest cement factory by far worth $680 million

Evacuated US base was bombed as Syrian army was just 15km away and was going to be the force to take it over. The Turks are not far either, but as they need to fight through Kurdish and Syrian forces to get there they were never going to occupy it first. The base was America’s main base in Syria before evacuation.

Two US Air Force F-15 jets conducted an airstrike targeting an American munitions storage bunker at a US base in Syria Wednesday in order to prevent the munitions and other equipment from falling into the hands of armed groups, two US defense officials told CNN.

“On Oct. 16, after all Coalition personnel and essential tactical equipment departed, two Coalition F-15Es successfully conducted a pre-planned precision airstrike at the Lafarge Cement Factory to destroy an ammunition cache, and reduce the facility’s military usefulness,” US Army Col. Myles Caggins, a spokesman for the US-led military coalition fighting ISIS, confirmed in a statement Wednesday.

A US defense official told CNN that no other forces were nearby at the time. Had they been, it’s possible the decision to bomb the munitions might have been aborted because it might have been perceived as an attack on whatever forces were nearby.

This is the first known instance where the US has had to destroy equipment as it conducts a rapid pullout from northern Syria, following President Donald Trump’s withdrawal order which was announced Sunday in the face of an expanding Turkish military offensive targeting America’s one-time allies in the fight against ISIS, the Syrian Kurds.

The strike took place at the US military compound at the Lafarge Cement Factory, which is located between Kobanî and Ain Issa and is close to the Turkish border. The compound served as “the headquarters of the de facto Defeat-ISIS coalition in Syria” prior to its being vacated.

On Tuesday Caggins said that the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces “set fire to, then vacated, its facilities and equipment” as “Turkish-backed militias advanced towards the Lafarge Cement Factory.”

Scramble to withdraw

A senior US military official told CNN Wednesday that US forces in northern Syria had pulled out of all locations in the country to consolidate at a location near Kobani where they will be air lifted out in the coming weeks, leaving behind several former US military bases.

The US troops that have been consolidated near Kobani had been re-deployed from various locations, to include areas as far south as Tabqa and Raqqa.

Pro-Bashar Al Assad regime forces are believed to have moved into Raqqa, the one-time ISIS capital, in the wake of the US departure, the official added. Russian forces have already occupied a former US military post in the northern town of Manbij.

CNN reported Tuesday that the first planeloads of US weapons and equipment have left Syria, according to another US defense official.

The military has made a concerted effort to remove all sensitive equipment as former military compounds fall into the hands of Russian, Syrian regime and Turkish-led proxy forces.

US officials have expressed concerns that the Turkish-led and backed militias attacking Kurdish groups in Syria are comprised of extremist elements and could pose a threat to US troops.

Other US officials have accused the irregular Turkish forces, referred to by the US as Turkish Supported Opposition, of carrying out possible war crimes and threatening US troops in the area, with one senior administration official referring to them as “thugs and bandits and pirates that should be wiped off the face of the earth.”

Source: CNN

  1. Mary E says

    So the invaders calling the inhabitants of a country it is in ILLEGALLY is calling them names…names which apply to the US alone. Fortunately, Russia will save the day and acquire the peace that all Syrians deserve. Staying out of other countries’ affairs should be a top priority of Washington; unfortunately, it is not.

  2. ArcAngel says

    Do NOT give a fuk what CNN has to spew.
    Do NOT hive a fuk what that disgusting bovine spreader Barbara Star has to spew.
    I despise the term “defense official”. Equates to “disgusting obfuscator/bullshitter.
    As for TWITter its a world of idiots and assholes and for SOME reason used for “diplomacy”. Insane.

    Serves me right for reading this crap. I need a shower.

  3. Vish says

    This is America’s scorched earth policy.

    If the Americans blew up the cement factory itself (and not just the arms cache), it shows that the USA seeks to hinder Syria’s civilian economic development by taking out this important cement-producing facility.

    In other words, it would be yet another American war crime–to be added to the massive list of US crimes already committed in Syria, or Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Serbia, etc….

    1. Mary E says

      Absolutely right on! The Americans have decimated its chosen enemies’ infrastructure many times over the years, the worst being North Korea where they
      bombed dams to destroy agriculture and electric power..and to Japan where they bombed two cities to the ground…heartless and cruel, they shouldn’t be allowed any votes in the UN since they use it for their own evil reasons. What they have done to Syria – and what they are doing to Venezuela by ruining their economies will not force those countries to give up their oil to the US….Russia is and will see to that!

  4. Mikhail Garchenko says
    There are “some things” that is better for many people that be buried. 😉
    (…just translate and read it…)

  5. BillA says

    repatriations, all these bombers should pay for the re-building – in gold
    well, we can dream

  6. thomas malthaus says

    Difficult to rebuild without a cement factory. The Deep State sent a clear message.

  7. Natural_Texan says

    War Crimes. Scorched earth policy. If the Pentagon and US Banks can’t have Syria then there won’t be anything left in Syria worth having. I wonder just how many other ‘bases and resources’ are going to have to be destroyed for security reasons? and of those how many will be in factories, water plants, power stations, hospitals and more?

  8. Séamus Ó Néill says

    I find it ironically funny that any American “Official” could describe anyone else as ” “thugs and bandits and pirates that should be wiped off the face of the earth.”. America itself was founded on the genocide of the original inhabitants and every American President from that day onward has been a treacherous war-criminal !

    1. Mary E says

      Treacherous war criminals on behalf of the evil power that is truly running the show in the US..

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