US Blames 1 Million Chile Protest on Russia

That's believable

Massive protests have rocked Chile in recent weeks. It was reported that one million people took to the streets on October 25th, which caused Chilean President Sebastian Pinera to announce a reshuffling of his cabinet. At least 18 people have been killed in the violence, and over 7,000 arrested.

Despite the massive number of demonstrators, the U.S. State Department blamed the unrest on Russian trolls. Reuters quoted an anonymous State Department official who said on Thursday, “we have seen indications of Russian activity supporting this negative course of the debate.”

The official did not blame the protests entirely on Russia, but said Russia had “sought to exacerbate divisions, foment conflict and all round act as spoiler to responsible democratic debate.”

President Trump called Chilean President Pinera on Wednesday over his decision to cancel a UN climate conference that was set to take place in Chile. The White House released a statement on the phone call that said, “President Trump denounced foreign efforts to undermine Chilean institutions, democracy, or society.”

President Pinera has backed the U.S. regime change effort in Venezuela, and was one of the first to recognize Juan Guaido as the “interim president” of Venezuela.

An increase in subway fares sparked the protests in Chile, but now many demonstrators are demanding a new constitution to address the economic inequality in the South American country.


  1. David Bedford says

    When you overthrow the leader of a country and then blame it on another country it just makes you look weak, just like Hillary Clinton blamed Russia when she lost the election because of her own weakness and inability to reach out to the people (even when the media was on her side).

  2. ArcAngel says

    While not a fan of Ditz, I did click on the article for a possible Hubris laugh…
    I was not disappointed.
    The West has completely surpassed, hypocrite/hubris/insane/disgusting/demonic and has become a laughing stock on the world’s stage. Even with its (ahem) “mighty military” Humans are starting to point and laugh at the naked Emperor standing with a VERY expensive weapon… that does not work.

    That’s OK he can always blame the Russians.

  3. Mary E says

    Looks like it’s time for Pinera to go too! Russia, if the instigator of the protests against the regime controlling Chile, is on the right track, though the protestors’ deaths are not a good thing..Any South American leader who backs Guido has CIA written all over them!

  4. LS says

    “President Pinera has backed the U.S. regime change effort in
    Venezuela, and was one of the first to recognize Juan Guaido as the
    “interim president” of Venezuela.”

    How “democratic” of him to support a Western-engineered coup.

    Sounds like destabilizing Chile is actually in order.

  5. TB Wong says

    Hats off to the USA. The biggest hippocrite country the world has even see.

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