US Armored Truck Tries to Ram a Russian Armored Car in Northern Syria, Nearly Gets a Civilian Killed

The US has graduated from "merely" blocking to trying to ram the Russians in Syria

US and Russian patrols intermingled, the Russians like the civilians in a hurry to get past the heavier US mine-protected trucks. The lead US vehicle first swerves left to prevent the Russian overpassing on the outside, then pushes the lighter vehicle off the road as the Russian switches to inside. There is a pedestrian that nearly gets run over as a result at the 35-second mark:

The Russian car is a GAZ Tiger which comes in at 7 tons if armored, the US vehicle is a M-ATV which weighs in at 14 tons.

We only have footage of this because the civvy was in the right place to capture it with his dashboard camera. How much more of this stuff is going on that we don’t know about?

So far the US has been putting up roadblocks to try to stop the movement of Russian convoys (the Russians do not mind the American convoys) but still wants to pass through pro-government villages itself and persisted in a prolonged standoff when it was blocked from doing so last week, eventually opening fire and killing a 22-year old civilian.

A reminder, Russia is in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government. In the words of the US president, the US military is there to “keep the oil”.

In northeastern Syria where this took place Russia is specifically to keep the Turks out and the Kurds safe, a job claimed by the US for itself then abdicated as it pulled out from the immediate border area to let the Turks in.

  1. Natural_Texan says

    Yeah, it’s BS, dangerous BS. We already have seen the childishness and more from US dupes abandoning unlawful bases and leaving high-school insults and more behind.. Not a great thing to see for me as an American. 🙁

    1. tapatio says

      What you and I, as Americans, might see is huge flashes of light over hundreds of targets in the US after our government’s thuggery starts WW III.

      1. XRGRSF says

        And, then it all fades to black.

        1. Robert Mcconnell says

          Yes, it’s all over in a flash nothing to worry about.

        2. tapatio says

          I grew up (till age 13) in our primary missile research facility, Redstone Arsenal. Fading to black is for the lucky ones. Find a movie called Threads. It paints a cleaned-up version of reality after THE WAR.

          1. XRGRSF says

            As I mentioned above I was on a division level nuclear planning team, and I absolutely know how bad it can be. Our personal plan was to unass the AO, and take care of our own. I really miss having a group of trained soldiers for back up, but that’s the price we pay for growing old.

            1. tapatio says

              There’s a point where we differ – I don’t miss anything about the military. I hated the responsibility for other people’s lives and discovered that I DESPISE authority even my own. I never realized these things until my chief rotated and I got a jerk who just wanted out of ‘Nam and didn’t care about anything/anyone else. It’s one thing when you are a figurehead and issue orders ‘suggested’ by a de facto parent who cares about the family. It’s something else when you are a rug-rat issuing orders to other rug-rats.

              But, it sounds as though your pay grade might have been a bit higher than that of a Lt JG.

          2. Lloyd Cross says

            Threads 1984, by Barry Hines, a UK ,Movie Documentry. on Thermal Nuclear War, Leaders of the World should Watch Daily, No where will be safe Underground Included.?

            1. tapatio says

              Thank you. I was too lazy to look up the information on the film. It should be required watching for everyone, not just leaders.

  2. tapatio says

    Russia is an ALLY of the legitimate Syrian government. The US is a CRIMINAL INVADER and the ONLY reason for not legally eradicating US forces in Syria is avoidance of WW III.

    It may be that US troops are under orders to start the Third World War by this sort of thuggery.

    1. XRGRSF says

      I really, REALLY hope the U$ doesn’t trigger the big one because I’m at ground zero. Being on the inside of a mushroom cloud looking out is not my idea of retirement.

      1. tapatio says

        LOL! I’m pretty much centered between……….
        1. Ft Lewis
        2. Everet Naval Station (LA class subs and more)

        3, Bremerton, Wa Naval base (some of everything)

        4. Indian Island (nuclear/conventional weapons for subs)
        Submarine and carrier bases are primaries. Ft Lewis and Seattle/Tacoma are probably secondaries.
        Russian guidance and propulsion are at least on a par with ours. I don’t know about China’s.

        I don’t really care about my wife and I. We’re old enough that it makes little difference. But I have three kids and eight grandkids in the same area.

        1. XRGRSF says

          If the wind is out of the west I’m screwed because I’m just to the east in CdA.

          I was in the nuclear prep team many years ago, and my intell officer was an engineer for one of the big boys. I probably know too much, but I do know that the Russians are a minimum of 2 generations ahead of us in both targeting, and delivery.

          More on this tomorrow; I need my old person sleep.

          Did I read that you were brown water navy in ‘Nam?

          1. tapatio says

            Yeppers, I commanded a fleet of three PBRs out of a little village on the Delta for 22 months……..on my way to becoming Chief of Naval Operations/s, until a stray round took my eye (missed killing me by 4 mm). The Navy wasn’t interested in one-eyed paperclip counters and booted me.

            While recovering and getting back into school, I became a Commie(socialist)HippieWeirdoFreak, which I am today.

            Until ABMA was broken up, my mother was admin for the science side at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. After Castro took Cuba, the Generals (in our case, Creighton Abrams) started screaming “The Russians are coming”, presumably to boost their budget. Mother told me that the CIA told them that it was not going to happen and that, at that time (1959) if the Russians aimed a missile at you you were safe – the missile might hit anything except its target.

            Since then, of course, our MIC builds weapons for profit – NOT use and Russia has surpassed us in almost every area.

            Having taught for 35 years, I’ve had a few Russian and Chinese students. Their understanding of the world far, far exceeds that of the American HS grad. I also taught in Mexico for a few years and I can say the same about their HS grads, even from small towns – every-frickin-body understands the world better than today’s Americans.

            This has led me to the conclusion that people going into the military in Russia, China, Mexico, almost anywhere are going to be more dedicated/committed than our troops.

            I teethed on the old American Heritage Magazine and patriotism. My parents were extremely patriotic. My father was British and didn’t live to see the Vietnam war, but it “radicalized” my mother as much as it did me (it isn’t radicalization when you discover that what you love is being used as a mask for a monster).

  3. hoyeru says

    The Russians SHOULD mind the Americans in Syria. The Americans are in Syria illegally under international law. Therefore the Russians SHOULD be speaking about this at the UN daily and DEMAND the Americans leave. yet the Russians keep quiet and “don’t mind the Americans”. To the insolent Americans this is a sign of weakness. Of course they will begin to push; that is what a bully does.
    Imagine the reverse situation in Iraq, with Russians driving around and trying to provoke the Americans. What do you think will happen???

  4. David Chu says

    It’s clearly shown that the Yankees were trying to block the Russians from overtaking them by going to the left, and then tried to ram them when the Russians tried to go around to the right. But “alternative news” blogs like Zerohedge tries to spin it as though it was just some simple misunderstanding:

    “Bizarre ‘Road Rage Among Superpowers’ Incident”

    1. tapatio says

      Zero Hedge is only slightly more intelligent than Breitbart and the other ultra-right propaganda factories.

  5. temujin1970 says

    The AmeriKKKans have truly gone insane. They are obviously trying to provoke a response from the Russians but if they do something stupid like kill or injure a Russian then I think Putin will have no option but to respond forcefully. The amerikkkans have truly lost the plot. They are losing on all fronts and want to provoke a major war thinking that they can win it. Any attack on Russia will very soon draw the Chinese in. America is finished. Like a chicken with its head cut of its flapping and running around blindly but its death is truly assured now. The rot and corruption can no longer be hidden or denied.

    1. Canosin says

      indeed..lets hope they truly do something very stupid to the Russians……and be sure they will…..

      1. James Willy says

        The septics do provocations every day of the week. Putin refuses to fight back. bibi won’t allow that. So the provocations continue. Every day of every week. Putin WILL NOT do anything.

        1. William Toffan says

          He intervened militarily to save Syria! What other country stuck it in the zio-empire’s eye – that you can remember?

      2. Natural_Texan says

        Be careful what you wish for. Trump and the Congress are fighting? Not really. They agree on everything important, especially war and death. Average Americans are duped or simply not accounted. A War would be big for incumbents from the White House to the Congress.. None except perhaps Tulsi Gabbard would stand up to a wider war in Syria, Afghanistan or on Iran.

        1. tapatio says

          You’re right for the most part. But, it’s going to be hard for an incumbent to win an election if his/her constituents are melting down from radiation.
          In a conventional war with Russia, we would have our asses handed to us. Washington and its Zionist masters would never tolerate that and would go nuclear. At that point, win/lose become irrelevant.

      3. tapatio says

        Oh, you really want to die of radiation poisoning or starve in a nuclear winter?

        1. Canosin says

          you mistake me……think a bit…..I am not saying I want a nuclear outcome…..I say…..the US is a huge hot air balloon……as long as world believes the bully is invincible than you lost already

          1. tapatio says

            The fantasy of ZioAmerica’s invincibility is rapidly fading around the world. The moment that a Sukhoi 35/57 takes out an F-35 the fantasy will be dead and will also be the most dangerous moment in human history.

        2. James Willy says

          Either one is sounding better every day as oposed to living under these zionazi kazarz. At least they go too assuming Putin fights back.

          1. tapatio says

            Ever see acute radiation poisoning? Your entire body appears/feels as though it’s rotting.

        3. Robert Mcconnell says

          Yes. It’s time to cull this stupid hamanity particularly those of the Jewish ilk. If a few million Americans get toasted so much the better.

  6. Mary E says

    It is past time that the Russians get down to the business at hand: REALLY protecting the Syrians and their country, including the oil and agriculture not just having little road rage hissy fits with the Americans who have a penchant for taunting and bullying. The oil is being taken out of Syria by the Americans and then Syrians are not alowed to have any
    oil delivered to them from other counrries….how cruel is that? And why? The US military is being controlled by a madman in Washington that’s why! And they have to have that oil …no matter the cost..

  7. CHUCKMAN says

    Given the attitude Trump has shown recently with outrageous pardons (destroying the long and careful work of prosecutors and judges) and outrageous appointments (the moron American Ambassador to Germany just got a big intelligence post), I almost suspect some mental-emotional deterioration, perhaps as a result of the impeachment.

    That kind of attitude could easily carry over to a location like this, where there are Russians sometimes near Americans, in the form of more aggressive orders to American troops.

    Very dangerous stuff.

    And then we have Erdogan threatening to invade.

    1. michael houston says

      kinda getting personal now….first the push/shove thing…..and in the end the bully gets it’s ass handed them…..

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