US and Russia: No Ambassadors in Place

Due to the hostile policies of the Biden administration, tensions between the US and Russia are soaring. Now, amid the souring relations, the two countries won’t have ambassadors in each other’s capitals, making diplomatic communications even more difficult.

US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan announced on Tuesday that he is returning to Washington for “consultations.” His announcement came after Russia’s foreign minister suggested Sullivan return to the US for the time being in response to new US sanctions against Moscow and the White House’s decision to expel 10 Russian diplomats.

Last month, Russia recalled its ambassador to the US after President Biden agreed in an interview that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “killer” who has “no soul.” Since his comments, Biden has called Putin and proposed an in-person meeting, which US and Russian officials are discussing setting up.

Although Biden suggested meeting with Putin, it was after the phone call that the US slapped a wide array of sanctions against Russian officials and entities and expelled the Russian diplomats. Moscow responded by expelling US diplomats and releasing a list of current and former officials who are banned from entering Russia.

On top of the rhetoric and the sanctions, the US has also expressed its “unwavering” support for Ukraine amid tensions with Russia. The Biden administration is hyping the presence of Russian troops near Ukraine’s border, claiming it is the largest Russian military build-up since 2014.

On Monday, the EU claimed that Russia had sent over 150,000 troops near the border with Ukraine but had to correct the number and said later it was more like 100,000. But it’s still not clear how this number has been determined.


  1. GMC says

    No big deal since the US is in the – There can be only One – scenario. The Embassies i’ve been to, have mostly nationals from that host country, that are bilingual , doing all the work on visa’s, passports, and other documents. All the times I used the one in Kyiv, and I used it often, I met only one American and he did help me a lot. But, what do all the other Americans do in those Embassies ?

  2. yuri says

    amerikan can consult? impossible—too insecure, stupid
    better to ignore and watch their decayed BLM/LGBT empire disintegrate

  3. Jerry Hood says

    Zionazi masonic games. In 2025 the world must be depopulated, so,the satanic forces are setting up WW3, in which Russia is designed as St.George- The Dragon= USAtan slayer,see the center of the 2 headed Eagle of Russia! And Russia will slay the United zionist Snakes in just 1 hour, but there will be no crowds to celebrate it, only billions of dead bodies.. USAtan will temember the 911 false flag operation: Remind them,KEY NUMBERS USED ON 911: 7 8(15) and 9 Ennead, as 4+5.. Giza and Angkor Vat serve as Global Precessional Clock( 9 and 15), but Giza and Teotihuacan serve as Global Clock of ascending and descending souls!( 9 and 15)..
    135 is another thrir KEY NUMBER: 25,920- 135= 25,785= 5,785 Anno Magnus= AD 2025, for Armagedon..Apocalyptic,Skull& Bones monument as Georgia Guidestones has aldo key numbers,7,8 and 9…Opened March 22,1980. March 22= 322 Skull & Bones number,and 3+2+2=#7; and 1980= #9…Number 8 is on the 8 panels in 8 world languages, the 10 LUCIFERIAN COMMANDMENTS FOR THE NEXT CIVILISATION!!!

    1. XSFRGR says

      And ????????????

  4. ken says

    Diplomacy with the retarded jackasses in the Biden regime is impossible. Hell,,, their destroying their own nation. First it was woke bs. Now the justice system has been deleted. Medical opinions and evidence are so 20th century. Now its all based on skin color.

    I suggest Russia and China delay as long as possible. The breakup of the US and its Poodles shouldn’t be too long off.


    1. XSFRGR says

      “Never interfere with an enemy that is engaged in destroying itself.”

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