US Ambassador to NATO: We Will Guarantee Passage of Ukrainian Warships Through Crimea Waters

Kay Bailey Hutchison says NATO will guarantee Ukrainian Navy can pass through what to Russia are its territorial waters

If you want a war with Russia, that’s how you start one

The not-very-smart lady who last October put Russians “on notice” that US was looking at “taking out” Russian intermediate-range missiles in a pre-emptive strike, is at it again. This time she is promising NATO will guarantee Ukrainian Navy ships can pass through the Kerch Strait between mainland Russia and Crimea, which since 2014 Russia considers along with Crimea its own territory.

It is as much as saying NATO will guarantee Ukrainian army can return to Crimea. There isn’t any doubt either than Hutchinson is talking about Ukrainian warships (Russians do not interfere with the passage of merchant ships) seeing she says this is specifically in response to the November crisis where Russians prevented Ukrainian Navy vessels from making the passage:

“I think that we have been working on a package to present to the foreign ministers, and it is a package that beefs up the surveillance, both air surveillance as well as more of the NATO country ships going into the Black Sea to assure that there is safe passage from Ukrainian vessels through the Kerch Straits, the Sea of Azov,” she said.

The US representative commented that at present “more attention is needed to guarantee that these waters are liberated” and that the countries in the region are “free from Russian interference”.

“Russia has been deploying defensive weapons in Crimea, but Crimea is part of Ukraine,” Hutchison remarked.

“It is very important that the inhabitants of Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Georgia feel at home in the Black Sea zone, both in the water and on land,” she said, adding that the package of measures is a response to November’s Kerch Strait incident.

“It is unacceptable that Ukrainian sailors are being held in prison in Moscow. We must ensure that we have the ability to restrain Russia’s aggression,” she remarked.

The truth is that NATO can guarantee no such thing, if the Kiev government organizes another attempt to force the entry without filing a request with the Russians, the Russians will fire once again. But it is reckless to talk as if NATO intends to organize or back such an attempt.

The Russian reaction was sheer disbelief somebody could be so saying something so stupid and inflammatory:

“In a negative light,” he [Putin’s spokesman Peskov] said when asked how Kremlin viewed such statements. “We do not understand what that means.”

It is worrying that Americans have some many people in important positions who do not comprehend the consequences of what they are proposing.

  1. cechas vodobenikov says


  2. Séamus Ó Néill says

    “It is worrying that Americans have some many people in important positions who do not comprehend the consequences of what they are proposing.” If you take the whole lot that Trump has surrounded himself with , I don’t think you could gather up a more inane bunch of brain dead morons if you tried. These are a satanic bunch of psychopathic bullies but the most worrying thing is their basic lack of comprehension and knowledge. I don’t really mind that they haven’t realised that their monopoly on world affairs is over or that their country is teetering on the biggest bankruptcy in world history but I do care that they still persist in attempting to start WW3 ……. knowing that they’ll be safely ensconced in a bunker somewhere while, as usual , somebody else’s blood is being spilled !!

  3. silver749 says

    Crimea actually is not even Ukrainian. It was Russian and given to a foreign power without even asking the Russian government. No one would give Hawaii to a foreign country without asking congress or the President. You can’t just give the Isle of White(UK) to France. Ukraine payed nothing for it even. What they did was a con, pure and simple.

    1. JP McEvoy says

      Actually, it was negotiated and Russia agreed to cede the territory but with strings attached – they get to keep their Navy Base and the Ukraine gets rent money… Thanks to the Western inspired coupe the Uks blew that deal out of the water. Sometimes I wonder if the neocons are actually secret agents of the Kremlin. If they have their way we’ll all be living in Russia’s most western province someday.
      Keep up the good work, Kay!

  4. John C Carleton says

    Kay needs to go back to cheerleading in college, maybe she was good at that.
    She has never been worth anything as a politician.

    But she just don’t have the legs for cheerleading anymore!
    Well, there alway knitting and quilt making.

    1. john says

      No, sir! She was the worst cheeseleader in the country, and her politics closely match, if not outdo, her puny effort as a cheeseleader. The porky reminds me of that small bag of bones- Nkki Haley. Now we have two puny things to reflect upon–Baily and Hailey and their Zionist bloodletting. Personally, I would love to see them take on Russia–be over in a few seconds-and Russia can get back to more important stuff than listening to the likes of these two little women–very little

    2. Ron Wheeler says

      Dear John, I do appreciate your humor as it is also true, dem legs OMG.

  5. Garry Compton says

    LOL the bitch still thinks that Crimea is part of Ukraine- then maybe she can come up with all the pension money that is owed the ” Ukraine Pensioners ” in Crimea – that haven’t been paid for 4 years. Or how about – just mind your own business Nato – and Crimea, Ru will mind – theirs.

    1. Ron Wheeler says

      Dude that word you use to describe the US Ambassador to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison hurts the ears, but will allow this in this particular situation. Thumbs up but please do not tell others this was approved.

      1. Garry Compton says

        Sticks and Stones can break my bones but Words can never – Hurt Me. That use to be the norm but now Americans want to break your bones over words. Stage 1 of brainwashing – Demoralization = the populace no longer can assess truthful information.

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