US Allows South Korea to Build Long-Range Missiles Using Transferred US Tech

US done pretending that tech transfer wasn't an anti-Chinese move

The US has agreed to lift restrictions on South Korea’s ability to develop missiles. South Korean President Moon Jae-in announced the development on Friday following his meeting with US President Joe Biden in Washington. US restrictions previously banned Seoul from developing or possessing missiles with a range exceeding 800 km (497 mi).

“We are pleased to announce the end of the missile guidelines. This is a symbolic and practical measure to externally show the solidity of the ROK-US alliance along with the conclusion of the ROK-US defense cost agreement in the early days of the Biden administration’s inauguration,” South Korean President Moon Jae-in said.

In 1979, South Korea agreed to limit its ballistic missile range to 180 km (112 miles) in exchange for the transfer of missile technology from the US.

The limitations were relaxed in 2001, allowing South Korea to develop ballistic missiles with a range of up to 300 km (186 mi) and a warhead weight of 500 kg (1,102 lbs).

In 2017, the payload cap was eliminated while the range limit was extended to 800 km (497 mi). All restrictions have now been lifted after 42 years.

Silence From China

This move by the US is widely seen as part of a strategy to counter China in the region, from whom a response is expected.

But the South Korean military said on Monday that China has not raised any complaints about the recent agreement.

“I don’t think it’s an issue that we should make a decision on after taking the effect on neighboring countries into consideration,” Defense Ministry spokesperson Boo Seung-chan said.

“The termination of the guidelines reflects how the Biden administration lays importance on the South Korea-US alliance, as well as the trust in our country based on our national capacity, status and as a model nation for international nonproliferation,” he added.

Source: The Defense Post

  1. Nesh says

    China is not complaining cause they know their missile tech is a generation ahead of anything the west has mastered and their missile defences are two generations ahead, so why not allow sk to waste a few billions building backwards tomahawks

    1. Eddy says

      My thoughts exactly. Cannot see the Americans giving the Chinese in Taiwan any technology that would be better than their own. IMHO, these folks are nuts, they’d do far better in designing and building their own, without the American strings attached.

  2. Ronnie says

    North Korea can and will (if pushed) saturate the capital of South Korea with artillery shells. The guns are old Soviet tech but product approved for the job.
    (What China has got will come as a shock.)

    I believe American troops bugged out to the far south of the country because of it. North Korea will have to use short range missiles then.
    Fighting on the beaches next.

    The good old days are over.

    How about just business and something called universal peace. Just for a change like….see how it goes….who knows it might be nice. A steady job helps buying a house….at affordable prices maybe.
    Getting married, starting a family, living on love and not chocking suffocating on debt.

    1. Eddy says

      Quote, “ steady job helps buying a house….at affordable prices maybe.
      Getting married, starting a family, living on love and not chocking suffocating on debt.” Unquote. You can’t be serious, surely ? The minute you buy a house, you are laying the foundations for suffocating debt, being a wage slave for the rest of your life. Getting married, starting a family, will all ensure you become a wage slave until the day you drop. Notice the retiring age nowadays, notice also, many PAYE wage slaves have not paid off their mortgages by the time they reach retirement ? Notice how their Superannuation continually gets attacked by the Government and whittled down at ever opportunity, to ensure IF you do reach retirement in good health, you won’t have the funds to enjoy the life you have left ??? And now we have the alleged Covid innoculation which ensures there will be a massive reduction in population and births over the coming years, again, ensuring you will be required to work until you drop. There will be NO UNIVERSAL PEACE, in fact quiet the opposite. You’d better sit up and take good notice of what’s going down around us these days.

  3. Eddy says

    Firstly, it may surprise readers, but Taiwan is CHINESE, the people there speak, read and write CHINESE, and the island is CHINESE, has been for centuries. Secondly, if these CHINESE people, living in Taiwan had half a brain, they’d tell the Americans to shove their technology where the sun don’t shine, because sure as God made them Li’l apples, in the future they will be accused of STEALING U.S. technology, just as the mainland had been, after the U.S. transferred their tech there to make cheaper stuff.I’m amazed that the Chinese Taiwanese are unable to develop and build their own designed and manufactured missiles. Let’s not forget, where the majority of micro chips are designed and built today. Surely, if they can do that, they can build their own missiles. After all North Korea which has been BLOCKAIDED now for nearly 70 years has been able to build extremely well such missiles, without Taiwan’s superior technology advancements. It seems Iran too, can do just as well. So why are the Taiwanese unable to design and build their own ????

  4. yuri says

    senile vegetable prez admired by some fascist village hillbillies in US is unable to distinguish a mile from a pound of hunters cocaine….DPRK can reduce Seoul into a Big Mac if needed

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