Up to 300,000 Brits Facing Heart-related Illnesses Due to… “Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder”

Or maybe it's due to global warming?

 Up to 300,000 people in the UK are facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD), two London physicians have warned.

This could result in a 4.5 per cent rise in cardiovascular cases nationally because of the effects of PPSD, with those aged between 30 to 45 most at-risk, they claim.

Mark Rayner, a former senior NHS psychological therapist and founder of EASE Wellbeing CIC, said that as many as three million people in Britain are already suffering from PPSD, thanks to stress and anxiety caused by the effects of Covid-19.

He fears this could result in a dramatic rise in physical health issues, such as coronary heart failure, if cases are not detected or treated early.

Mr Rayner said: “PPSD is a very real problem on a massive scale. As well as the condition itself with all its immediate problems, one of the biggest collateral issues is the affect it can have on heart health.

“It is widely recognised that reducing stress and mental health problems is crucial to the prevention and recovery of cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes.

“We are talking about as many as 300,000 new patients with heart issues.”

Mr Rayner warned that without at least doubling the current funding, the NHS will not be able to tackle the “trauma timebomb”, which could have potentially fatal consequences for those suffering with long-term PPSD.

Meanwhile, Tahir Hussain, a senior vascular surgeon at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, said he has seen a significant rise in cases where he works.

He said: “I’ve seen a big increase in thrombotic-related vascular conditions in my practice. Far younger patients are being admitted and requiring surgical and medical intervention than prior to the pandemic.

“I believe many of these cases are a direct result of the increased stress and anxiety levels caused from the effects of PPSD.

“We also have evidence that some patients have died at home from conditions such as pulmonary embolism and myocardial infarction. I believe this is related to many people self-isolating at home with no contact with the outside world and dying without getting the help they needed.”

PPSD is a mental health condition induced by the pandemic. [Stress for 30 to 45 years olds would have been induced by lockdowns, not the grandma flu, but anyhow why weren’t we hearing about this “PPSD” last year?]. While it is not yet officially recognised, many experts believe it should be.

Mr Rayner added: “Everyone has heard of PTSD but we really urgently need to get our heads around PPSD.

“The pandemic and the resulting lockdowns it’s brought have had a massive effect on the mental health of the whole nation.”

This is what you’re going with, huh?

Research suggests that patients with symptoms of depression are at 64 per cent greater risk of developing coronary artery disease and 59 per cent more likely to have a future adverse cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack or cardiac death.

Heart and circulatory diseases account for a quarter of all deaths in the UK – equating to more than 160,000 deaths each year.

Figures show there are around 7.6 million people living with a heart or circulatory disease in the UK.

Source: Evening Standard

  1. Clifford Whitehead says

    Of course, it Wouldnt have anything to do with the vaccine would it?

    1. Globist says

      flat earther !

      1. edwardi says

        shuckster. fishing expedition. please go crawl up Jeff Bezos’s fanny from whence you came.

    2. steve kastl says

      The surgeon should have his license to practice medicine revoked. Too stupid to give good care.

  2. Cap960 says

    PPSD….Whaaaaaaaa hahahahaha!

  3. Ying Jun says

    liar liar pants on fire. They just wont say the C V word when it is negative. So let me spell it now. Covid vaccine is causing an increase in heart problems for the vaccinated people. There, I said it.

  4. edwardi says

    Wow they have creatively created a new disorder in order to skirt the obvious relationship between a vaccine induced spike protein attack attaching to and destroying the endothelial lining of the entire cardio vascular circulatory system. Plus it is not the virus causing the hysteria it is the head up the arse medical response to it being dictated by for profit medicine with their collective heads up the arse of the multiple captured regulatory agencies. And still to this day Western so called medicine refuses to properly treat by early intervention of multiple therapies readily and inexpensively available. If they can’t make a good buck off of it then the public can go crawl into a corner over there and die cowering at home, or hooked up to one of their laughable ventilator death contraptions, for which they all get paid handsomely.

  5. Rebel Forever says

    The great CONdemic marches on, as millions of sheeple plunge over the cliff

  6. Osa says

    No, it is because of climate change!

  7. ken says

    “Up to 300,000 people in the UK are facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD), two London physicians have warned.”

    Post Pandemic? How can there be a post pandemic when there never was a pandemic?

    What would be so stressful about a pandemic ending? Wouldn’t it be more of a relief then a stress?

    So the people are saying “Whew! Glad the pandemic is over” then keeling over dead?

    Well that makes as much sense as everything else they have said over the past two years.

    Of course none of the lockdowns or other stupid nonsense cold possibly cause any stress. And healthy folks dropping dead or coming down with ‘rare’ diseases within 14 days of the 2nd lethal jab is just a coincidence. And how about over 500 fit athletes coming down with heart disease and over a hundred dead in less than a year? All normal of course. Nothing to see here,,, move on…..

    Today it seems, all they have to do to make people swallow a load of shit like this is put the words, physician, scientist, MD, PhD. researcher or govt spokesperson somewhere in the fairy tale.

    Obviously they are priming us for a rash of heart attacks and strokes coming.

    I think it’s time to smell the roses people.

  8. J R says

    Commentators here are real morons. They second-guess everything, wrapping it around their confirmation bias and political ideology without demonstrating any evidence. Conjecture abounds, none of the claims made would stand up to scrutiny or examination. Poor quality articles and sub-headings prime the readership to respond in kind. So far, this website is absolutely worthless, low-quality and generally misleading and the commentators are even worse (should not even be allowed to post such utter nonsense and connedspiracy crap). Rather then actually addressing the information, points and facts in the articles, commentators engage in speculative nonsense and fear-mongering claims. Self-prescribed “experts” in apparently everything are just morons on the loose. No respect or attention is even given to the real information or facts or authors that have reported their findings, i.e., what is actually in the article post for the obtuse. This class of journalistic attack by post authors and comment makers reveals a general lack of critical skills and ability to think clearly. Engagement in this type of discourse is to simply continue to pollute the mind and mislead everyone else who happens here. In other words, utterly worthless.

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