The Unvaccinated Homeless Banned From Taking Shelter in the Subway in Berlin

Senate "regrets" that an exception is "not possible"

Translated from French by David Montoute at Fourth World.

Here is a headline in the world press on Wednesday, December 8: the Berlin Senate introduced the so-called ‘3Gs’ system, geimpftgenesengetestet (“vaccinated, recovered or tested”) in the city subway. It will no longer be possible to stay on a platform if you do not have a sanitary pass.

When the senators were questioned, they regretted that this also applies to the poorest, the homeless, and those who, as winter approaches, take refuge in the metro. No exceptions are possible.

That, following this, the city’s social services explained that they were taking the situation very seriously and would do everything they can to enable the “homeless” to benefit from reception spaces and get vaccinated, does not change the reality. We have a government alliance in which the Social Democrats, the Greens, and the Left expel the poorest from one of the few places they could take shelter.

For the record, nearly 19% of Germans live below the poverty line, set at 1,074 euros by the country’s Statistical Office.

The ever fragile veneer of humanity

The behavior of the left-wing majority in Berlin is undoubtedly to be placed in the overall context of a political, ethical, spiritual collapse of Western nations. Since the start of the epidemic, we have been able to measure both the degree of corruption of our leaders, the blindness of the Catholic episcopal hierarchy, the disappearance of scientific ethics in medical journals that have never ceased to discredit treatments other than the vaccine, the schools’ mask imposition (I know of nothing more despicable on the subject than an article like this, for example) and the push for the vaccination of children.

Contrary to what shallow minds believe, the Principles of Law on which democracy is based can’t be blithely played around with. Beneath the law and beneath politics, there must also be unwritten laws, as Antigone says, and an objective ethical reality that provides the foundation for humanity. A society that expels its homeless from the metro under the pretext of protecting itself from a disease that has claimed, at most, 2% globally of the number of victims of the Spanish flu, is a society whose frameworks are about to collapse.

At any rate, Berlin’s left has lost all political and moral standing.

Source: Le Courrier des Stratèges

  1. edwardi says

    Please go peddle your crap elsewhere.

  2. ken says

    I have said it many times,,, shaming them won’t work, politicians have no shame,,, insulting them won’t work, they already know their lowlifes. They’re simply being paid to do this and they get to abuse people as a benefit.

    The entire jist of the game is control and reduce population. Their already injecting the kiddies, what makes anyone think they care if the homeless die.

    At this stage of the game anyone still thinking they just are uninformed is living in la la land. For any clear thinking person Gates, Schwab and the politicians intentions are absolutely clear. Ignore them at your peril.

    You want to stop this? Stop complying. Resist. Drag them out by their gonads and hang them.

  3. edwardi says

    I know very little about the politics per se in Germany, but am skeptical of what is referred to as the ‘left.’ In the US they refer to the Democrat party as generally the ‘left,’ which is utterly laughable as since 1945 in the US any true leftist element of the Democrat party has been purged and buried, Labor unions completely captured, and the economy 100% flipped to serve up all increases in productivity or incomes to the super wealthy. Incredibly the tRump party still manages to be more extremely to the right in service to the already wealthy and the military industrial state, but it has just become a ridiculous joke as to which party can go further to the Adolph Hitler “labor’ camp right, which was always the preferred final solution of the Wall St. Capitalists. There is no organized ‘left’ left in the US, any ember that stirs a bit of smoke is immediately bought off, the leadership given funds to steal and run away with while any movement is left rudderless. In any humane society organized around moral consciousness and the common good there would be no homeless, solutions would be organized, mass housing ala the USSR built and provided, social services reinvigorated to serve the needs. Where in Germany is Sarah Wagenknect on this issue, I had faith in her after her great speech confronting Merkel, and I would hope she is still that same person. But this Ann Raynd Ronnie Raygun Margaret Thatcher Neo Liberal fraud imposing Austerity upon the public and destroying the commons in service to private wealth creation, has to be reversed and destroyed; that same Neo Liberal economic fraud that was imposed upon Russia in the 1990’s, is now the boot on the face of all Western oriented publics.

    1. silver9blue says

      Either way, the US like Germany Creates homeless and treats them like rats. Gives food stamps. A stupid stamp which buys you a donut throw out from the day before.

  4. edwardi says

    A note to the moderator here, always waiting to approve comments, OK, if you are going to allow B.S. advertisements like from Loyo down there, at least limit the entries to one. What if she cut and pasted that trope 10 times, or 100, would you approve them all ? wake up, she/he adds Zero to any intelligent discussion.

  5. Alberto says

    Hitler was a chorus child…

  6. Raptar Driver says

    How long will we allow them to conduct this war against humanity?
    The homeless people should all congregate at these senator’s houses and put up tents in their backyard.

    1. Leisure Larry says

      The communist assault is and has always been a racewar against the White race.

      There are no political solutions to a war of extermination.
      Internalize that.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        Agree with the 1st part however the second part I feel there is a solution to every problem, no matter how extreme.

  7. Mr Reynard says

    Hmm.. Dachau & Mathausen is still available ?
    Why the German Government isn’t using to accommodate the white homeless German ??

  8. silver9blue says

    Your earning nothing even trying badly.

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