Unvaccinated Diners Only: California Restaurant Declares Mandatory No-Vax Policy, Watches Heads Explode

What is good for the goose??

A California restaurant has refused to back down after being bombarded with negative press and customer reviews for posting a sign demanding that all diners provide proof that they have not been vaccinated against Covid-19.

With vaccination status increasingly becoming a prerequisite to participate in many ordinary activities, one Huntington Beach eatery has decided to take a slightly different approach to granting privileges based on personal medical decisions.

On its storefront window, Basilico’s Pasta e Vino taped a sign reading: “PROOF OF BEING UNVACCINATED REQUIRED. We have zero tolerance for treasonous, anti-American stupidity. Thank you for pondering.”

The restaurant’s owner, Tony Roman, said that the unorthodox policy is designed to get people thinking as some Southern California businesses begin asking customers for proof of vaccination.

With the new and aggressive push for mandatory vax policies, we couldn’t resist, so we are sending a message of our own. Hopefully most are smart enough to read between the lines. Otherwise we will just sit back and have fun watching their heads explode over it,” Roman said in a statement to local media.

An employee told the Los Angeles Times that the restaurant is not actually checking patrons’ vaccine status. The restaurant previously declared itself a mask-free zone and refused to shut its doors when eateries were ordered in March 2020 to curtail indoor dining as part of Covid restrictions.

Some appear to appreciate the intended message behind the odd measure. A vaccinated woman who cuts hair at a nearby barbershop told local media that she didn’t feel slighted by the no-vaxxed-allowed policy.

“You got other places that want you vaccinated to come in. No different, right?” she noted to a local ABC affiliate.

However, many others were furious over the move. The restaurant has been pelted with negative reviews on Yelp. One comment said that the provocative rule was a “slap in the face to all those who died from Covid-19.”

The Times’ story, too, seemed less than sympathetic with the gimmick, and suggested that the restaurant was being irresponsible by not taking a recent rise in Covid cases seriously.

Orange County, which includes Huntington Beach and is home to some three million people, recorded one new Covid-related death on July 26. The county currently has 194 Covid hospitalizations, of which 48 are ICU patients.

The negative press and reviews seem to have only emboldened Roman. His restaurant issued a long, all-caps rant on Facebook deriding its “haters” and vowing to do “battle” with “PRO-MANDATORY VACCINE MINI GESTAPO AMERICAN TRAITORS.”

Source: RT

  1. Bois says

    We can’t trust any official figures. It is all political crap now, to get the CIA’s apps in place, in the USA and overseas. 

  2. ken says

    It’s not a vaccine. sigh……..

    It is a poison posing as a vaccination and has already killed tens of thousands,,, injured millions over a non existent virus. Anyone vaxxed is likely to die within a few years and it will be a deserved miserable death.

    The CDC has just dropped the PCR test which was used to frighten the inmates. They say they want a test that can differentiate between the flu and covid! Say what!

    So I ask anyone reading this post:

    How do they know the millions (they say) that tested positive didn’t have covid but simply had the flu?

    And since they declared the flu on vacation for the first time in history why the sudden interest in it?

    Worse the manics know this but are still shrieking about the cases, the cases. It’s as if many are somehow being drugged.

    People all over the world are being killed by the poisonous injections,,, by the lockdowns,,, by lack of necessary medical treatments,,, by elderly being neglected in nursing homes,,, by medical malpractice diagnosing covid for government bribes rather than diagnosing the actual problem.

    But the worst are the neurotics that took the kill shot demanding others do the same knowing full well thousands and more likely millions have died as the numbers are being manipulated. A sane person would never do that.

    1. tunamelt says

      Its should be called the Jim Jones injection. The inoculated are nothing but a transnational cult of non critical thinking zombies.

  3. Mark says

    Yay!! I have said for some time that the unvaxxed will be the 1930’s blacks of America, despised by the vaxxed aristocracy but quite happy among their own kind, and that before long we would have our own Cotton Club and our own places that do not welcome the pasty vaxxers. This was another deliberate division and polarization of society; so be it. I read that Eric Clapton refused to play any event or venue which was restricted to vaccinated-only. The vaxxers are struggling to maintain momentum, but their perfidy has crested.

    I received an invitation to The Highwire, and invite others to check it out, it’s another good source, and may be the beginning for establishing institutions and getting off of the national taxation rolls where the unvaccinated are paying taxes to maintain infrastructure which they themselves can only access if they are swaddled in PPE.


  4. GMC says

    They want to corral everyone so they can’t get the herd immunity one gets from having the virus. They don’t even mention how beneficial the herd immunity is – anymore – only that the Vax is God.
    Folks that get the virus after getting the vax – Hopefully – wake up to this common sense.

  5. gary stuart says

    Excellent… let the rational informed thinkers unite!

  6. geo says

    Whay is COVID?
    Show the killer source – SARS…
    Cannot be seen, is a man-made by software manipulation representation.
    They check if the human is human.
    The answer is … what the fraudulent procedure named “test” they want to “tell”!

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