University of Bristol: COVID-19 Spike Protein Binds to and Changes Cells in the Heart

Myocarditis mechanism?

“In a saner world, regulators and public health experts would make researching this potential link a top priority”

The preprint came out in July, from scientists and physicians at the University of Bristol, one of Britain’s top universities.

Naturally, it has received almost no attention, even after they presented it in August at the European Society of Cardiology Congress. Research that raises doubts about the safety of the Covid vaccines – even indirectly – rarely gets traction.

The preprint runs 26 pages and includes 56 footnotes. I am no expert on the structure and function of heart cells, but as far as I can tell it appears meticulously documented. And it paints a troubling picture: specialized blood vessel cells called pericytes have receptors called CD147s. The novel coronavirus itself (Sars-Cov-2) cannot attack these CD147s and damage the pericyte cells, potentially leading to clotting and heart attacks.

But free-floating spike protein – like the spike protein the vaccines make our bodies produce – can.


The researchers didn’t specifically look at vaccine-generated spike proteins; they were looking instead at the potential for spike proteins in people infected with the virus itself to cause damage. But they were clear about the implications of their findings:

“Importantly, we show that the recombinant S protein alone elicits cellular signalling through the CD147 receptor in cardiac [cells], thereby inducing cell dysfunction and microvascular disruption in vitro.”

And the spike protein looks and functions essentially the same whether it is generated as part of the virus or through the vaccine. And a paper published in May showed that 11 of 13 people had measurable levels of spike proteins in their blood following vaccination.


Taken together, the papers provide at least a potential avenue through which the vaccines may cause myocarditis and other heart damage – spike proteins may be leaking into the blood after vaccinations and then damaging these crucial cells.

How frequently this off-target effect may be happening is unknown, but the real-world evidence shows the myocarditis link is real, as even the Centers for Disease Control now admits.

In a saner world, regulators and public health experts would make researching this potential link a top priority. Unfortunately, the fanaticism around vaccines has made honest discussion of the myocarditis link and other potential cardiac problems nearly impossible – and research into them even harder.

And so we continue to grope for answers to questions we are barely allowed to ask.

Source: Substack

  1. ken says

    In a saner world, regulators and public health experts would make researching this potential link a top priority.”

    In a saner world the ‘vaccine’ would be thoroughly tested for years before being used in humans so this problem would certainly be caught early and the vaccine would never make it to the population at large.

    Vaccine development usually takes 10-15 years to ensure safety. Not six months.

    From John Hopkins (of all places)
    Preclinical testing of vaccine candidates typically starts in animal models, first in small mammals such as mice or rats and then non-human primates such as monkeys. Preclinical studies are important for eliminating potential vaccines that are either toxic or do not induce protective immune responses.

    So you know they know!

    As the vaccine manufactures know this they should be tried for the millions of deaths this will eventually cause. But the government in collusion have given them immunity.

    I am sure the medical nazis in 1930s-40s Germany had immunity as well but once a government no longer exists,,, neither does immunity.

    Just a word of caution to those lunatics doing this… God doesn’t grant immunity for crimes against humanity. Either way boys and girls,,, your day is coming.

    1. Steve Kastl says

      In full agreement. I am a retired physician, 72 yo in Raleigh, North Carolina. No physician can be trusted in the Western countries today became science has become politicized. This means there are no standards left in the USA. The mRNA shot would never have been let on the market before 9/11. There has been a loosening of critical thinking, loosening of morality, and outright criminal activity by Fauci, Pfizer, the CDC, FDA, FBI, Congress, and every other parasite in our mob run government since 9/11. Hope to be wrong but it seems our economy will crash worse than the Great Depression and tax revenues will go down. If the government kills 50% of the population, the Zionist billionaires think that they can still come out on top because of fewer Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, state pension recipients, this will allow less government payouts while everyone has a job. Very sick thinking, but why else kill your own countrymen? Because the ones in charge are a Talmudic cult which states, it’s OK to kill non Jews for even “touching” someone who is Jewish. Our Attorney General is an Israeli duel citizen, CDC head is an Israeli duel citizen, Secretary of State is an Israeli duel citizen, Secretary of the Treasury is an Israeli duel citizen, Pfizer executives are Israeli duel citizens. As an ex Jew, I woke up at age 60 and realized that I was in a cult of self worshipping criminals that is running and ruining the country. The USA is one huge Jonestown with everyone telling you to drink purple Koolaid in the form of an mRNA vaccine. 60% chance you die in five years due to the mRNA vaccine.

      1. Mark Sweeney says

        Well said and thank you. I am a retired clinical psychologist and I am appalled at the manner in which medicine, psychiatry and psychology have been hijacked by the Zionist lords of America. I have spent years researching the ownership structure of the West’s major corporations and invariably they are all majority owned by the same people; Rothschild and the Zionist/world oligarchy. What we are seeing is a cull. Bill Gates is on record for stating that he wants to depopulate the earth and he wants to use vaccines to do that. They have been messing with coronaviruses since the mid-90s at least and both SARS and Mers are engineered coronaviruses, Covid 19 is just the latest on the list of Zionist attacks upon humanity. The new crop of doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists don’t know their stuff and it will take decades before they realise the dangers of the medications they’ve been prescribing for years. Thank you again for your comment. I am very active on and previously on Facebook until I was shadow banned by the organisation. I have been hypercritical of the Jews and the Zionists in particular and scathing in relation to this engineered Covid 19 pandemic. I could not save the things I do if I was still working. I am in Australia and I would simply have lost my job by now. I am very grateful to the older practitioners with the courage to voice the truth. Keep up the good work.

      2. Objective says

        Sad but true. A Covid created global police state on the Palestine repression template. Most of the dumbed down population is giving up its basic human rights gleefully for a hoax. The new Stasi state world order is upon us.

    2. GMC says

      Very good comments today – Ken. They did do testing with the mRNA gene therapy – it killed every animal that injected = they didn’t need to test any further, because they got what they were looking for. Between the ” vaccines ” and the hundreds of BioWeapons Labs around the world – we’re in a tough spot.

  2. NGg says

    Zionist mafia runs the show

  3. Richard says

    Nice work, can you look into the claim that Oa Quinta Columna virology lab discovered Graphene Oxid that is not listed on the product label for good reason. The article was posted 7/8/2021 on Orwell City It is not a vaccine type additive because it’s a Nano-thermal conductor that violates the Nuremberg Code 1947/48. This should be investigated because it makes people Magnetic.

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