Undeterred by Arrival of Turkish Military the Syrian Army Continues Advance, Cuts Key Highway, Reaches Edge of Saraqib

Is now less than 10 kilometers from Idlib city

The Tiger Forces on the M4

The deaths suffered by Turks in a Syrian artillery barrage on the outskirts of Saraqib has risen to eight, with seven military personnel and a civilian contractor. The Russian military explained the deaths in a night-time barrage on a Turkish convoy were not inflicted on purpose, instead, the Syrians believed they were firing on HTS (al-Qaeda). This sounds perfectly plausible to me. As long as the Turkish posts are failing to stop the Syrian advance, the Syrians are better off bypassing and isolating them, than taking them on.

The Turkish soldiers killed serving as human shield for al-Qaeda

And oh my are the Turkish posts failing to stop the Syrian army advance. Undeterred by a new round of Turkish reinforcements and four new posts around Saraqib, the Syrian army has continued its march northward. It has now shored up its right flank, enveloped Saraqib from the west, and cut the M4 highway, placing it just 8 kilometers from Idlib city itself.

The rebels appear somewhat broken. Along with the preceding gain of Maarat al-Numan these are some of the easiest/swiftest gains the Syrian army has been able to make against them.

February 2
February 3
February 4


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  2. michael houston says

    let them remain an unstoppable force toward the liberation of their own country…..!!!!!

  3. CHUCKMAN says

    Who cannot cheer these brave defenders of their country?

    And they’ve stuck with Assad through seven years of outside-induced horror, perhaps the greatest proof of Assad’s legitimacy.

  4. Undecider says

    What would the US do if they found themselves trapped?

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