Ukrainians Destroy Russian Helicopters in Kherson Airbase for 2nd Time in 2 Weeks

Going too far with too little...

Ukrainians successfully struck Kherson airbase, now in use by Russia, with rocket artillery. The strike seems to have destroyed several parked helicopters.

This is on top of around 6 Russian helicopters destroyed in a similar attack last week (image below). The Ukrainians exaggerated the last’s week attack as having destroyed 30 helicopters and having been a commando raid (not an arty strike), but the truth is bad enough.

The Russians have advanced far to the north of Kherson but with small forces and Ukrainians are able to move in and out between the gaps.

It’s a symptom of doing too much with too little, which is especially the case in south-western Ukraine where the Russians have crossed the river at Kherson and fanned out (facing little resistance) but with well under 10,000 men.

  1. Ultrafart the Brave says

    Like the Spanish chef at the bull-fight stadium canteen says – “You win some, you lose some”.

    1. JohnBrown says

      Lessons learned.

  2. Martillo says

    Spinning and agiprop alternative. Getting beyond limited hangouts.

  3. Martillo says

    blowjobber gotta blow
    hookah gotta hook

  4. Hungary Guy says

    Western Spies must have infiltrated Military/ Security Complex in Russia.
    Narishkin & Deputy under arrest, 3 high ranking officers killed in as many weeks.
    Plus, now this.
    US Satellite Data/ Intel must be directing Zio Zelensky’s acting, too.
    Russia better cut off those Leaks, fast.

  5. Kointel Killah says

    AZOV cluster missile attack on Donetsk yielded better results.

    20+ civilians without damaging any military equipment.

    Luckily Russia didn’t have any equipment there.

    No lives matter. Bribe Brandon Better.

    Make Americans Pay Again.

  6. ken says

    So the Russians just left all those helicopters parked. That was nice of them! What? They take the day off? Back in 1968 and another useless war, by 8am we were already on our third mission.

  7. XSFRGR says

    Were these active Russian helicopters or disabled Ukie helicopters ?? Was this a new attack or a rerun of a prior attack ?? Are the Russians so incompetent that they provided this target opportunity to the Ukies twice ?? My BS meter is beeping !!

    1. Eric the Red says

      Everything coming from the Ukes is intended to leverage the western media narrative, and is therefore somewhere between 90 to 100% lies.

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