Ukrainians Are Engaging in Massive Amounts of Unarmed Resistance — The Western Insurgency Lobby in Tears

West wanted to fight an "insurgency" until the last Ukrainian. They prefer to resist but also to live

Ukraine’s Western “backers” in tears. Instead of decimating themselves in an “insurgency” Ukies prefer to resist but also to live

Increasingly Russian troops are being blocked by Ukrainian civilians jamming up the roads. Sometimes the Russian soldiers turn away, sometimes they stop, sometimes they break through.

The phenomenon isn’t limited to Ukrainian-speaking areas. It is happening all over the place, the Russian-speaking south included.

That is not to say that an entire town or city will participate. Mostly the blockaders are still a small fraction of their settlements. But that is understandable seeing there is a shooting war going on.

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In 2014 what galvanized Donbass to line up behind the rebellion was that Kiev was seen as the party bringing war to them. It was the provisional EuroMaidan authorities which dispatched tanks and militarized the standoff.

Who could forget the scenes of horrified villagers standing up to blockade those tanks?

2014 — blocking Ukrainian tanks

Now the converse applies. There is no escaping the fact that this time it was Moscow, not EuroKiev which opted to escalate and to reach for a military solution.

In truth most people just want stability, to live their lives in peace, and to be left alone. Even if you aren’t a fan of Zelensky or the Maidanites you don’t necessarily see that as a problem that ought to be solved by Russian tanks. And so now it is the Russians who are seen as bringing war to peaceful settlements.

At least in the short term Putin’s “special military operation” has increased anti-Russian feeling in Ukraine and rallied many around Kiev. (Just as it has rallied Russians around Moscow.) He launched the war to roll back the process of Ukrainian identity-formation, but perhaps his gambit will instead complete it? We will see.

In the meantime, there is one party that hates the Ruthenians opting for mass unarmed resistance even more than Putin.

That party is the Western pro-insurgency lobby.

They had it all planned out. After the Russians rolled in, the Ukrainians would decimate themselves in a prolonged insurgency validating the Western view of Russians and their leader as orcs that nobody could possibly accept living under. (While everybody is just dying to be put under Western hegemony.)

Such militancy. Such crusaderism. Such eagerness to induct a foreign people into a suicidal campaign for your emotional payoff.

Well, it turns out that while a Russian-installed government is unwelcome and war brought on by Russian tanks cause for resentment, anger, horror, and shock, it isn’t necessarily a reason to throw your life away in an attack on the 3nd most powerful military on the planet Earth.

Especially when unarmed resistance is likely to be much more effective. It is far easier to shame the Russians than it is to defeat their military in battle. In fact, I would say that Russians have more capacity for empathy and shame than the American Empire does, and especially in Ukraine. (Sometimes to their detriment. Having a little less decency and idealism in 1989-1991 might have worked out better for them.)

I wrote as much before the war:

And why in the world would Ukrainians who are the world champions in political protest ever need to conduct insurgencies against what is their Siamese twin? This isn’t Afghanistan, if Ukrainian nationalism has the kind of overwhelming support it claims it does, it would be a trifle to organize gigantic rallies, general strikes, and civil disobedience, after which the Russians will leave (but with a treaty that Kiev may not join anti-Russian alliances, etc). Why the bloodlust?  

No protracted “insurgency” is necessary when you have peoples who are this close and who speak the same language. The Russians simply aren’t distant enough from the Ukrainians that they could justify to themselves a protracted occupation against overwhelming local opposition. (But if this opposition really would be overwhelming is another matter.)

Ukraine is a chaotic, corrupt, ungovernable mess. That is still its best “defense”. ‘Good luck’ to anyone trying to achieve any political goals there.

  1. GMC says

    This only shows how easily it was to Brainwash the Ukie sheep into blaming the Russians for everything – even tho all the evidence that the US has been the country that F… Ukraine.
    Same in America as we see all the Covid anger steer away from the USG and is paced on the Russians. Pretty slick move if 60% of the sheep are actually taking their anger out on Russia.But this opens up the USG/ CIA to use all the false flags on the American populace – as in Cyber power outages, 9/11s, and banking resets – all conveniently blamed on Russia while the USG finishes off the America public Freedom. Dangerous waters when the people get totally programed= in Ukraine or America/EU.

  2. Kointel Killah says

    Does the insurgency lobby include Galician-Canadians like Chrystia Freeland?

    Did she sell her apartment in Kiev?

    Maybe her Ukrainian benefactor knows…

    For more detail on Pinchuk’s funding of an anti-Russian lobby effort in the US, and for the source of his funds in a Russian insurance company fraud…

    1. Geraldo says

      Lets hope the Russians accidently destroy her assets in Ukraine, she would have a real cause for all the hatred then.

      1. Jerôme says

        She is well known ukronazi…Putin should denazify her too, in some gulag…

  3. Yaffle says

    The fighting is NOT against Ukrainian people, but against the Nuclearisation of eastern Europe by the NATO overlord. Either NATO is broken up or the Russian Federation is broken up, as was Yugoslavia.
    Who benefits? Who always benefits from wars – the ‘faceless’ bankers who remain safely in the shadows.

    1. T J Foster says

      Nato is not going to break up. That is cloud cuckoo land. There is not a single nation in Nato with any immediate interest in breaking it up. As to its aggressive growth or stance, that’s all maybe, what if, should of could of would of. As it stands though it is not breaking up.

      1. Jerôme says

        North American Terrorist Organisation= NATO…

  4. Martillo says

    In all of USSA’S illegal and genocidal judaic wars of expansion civilians and “pacifists” were burned crispy and ground under Penatcon tanks without a second talk. Funny how Ukroppers (USSA and EUSSR’S useful idiots) are allowed to stop and chat with the denazification forces of Mr. Bear.

    Ukraine is as always its own worst enemy but if they can finally send their chosenite sociopath oligarch criminal filth and mass murdering Azoz scum to their Khazar klown kousins in Israhell and USSA proper then perhaps decent Ukroppers can finally make a life for themselves and their children. However, I wouldn’t bet on them getting over their BS EUSSR programming any time soon now that Berlin is making imperial grunts as in the day of cho$enite bankster muppet, Adolf the Hun.

  5. Eric the Red says

    Zelensky handed out AK-74’s to untrained civilians, who will promptly get both themselves and other innocent people needlessly killed. The purpose is to provide great photo ops for western propaganda whores, to maintain the ‘evil Russia boogeyman’ narrative for the Empire of Lies.

  6. Eric the Red says

    That’s nice. Since you’re rolling in dough, send me $100,000 as a no-strings-attached gift, to prove that your simple online job is really working like you say.

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