Ukrainian Media: Ukrainian Negotiator Shot Dead by SBU in “Attempted Arrest” for Treason

EuroKiev is very active in throwing around "treason" charges these days.

A member of the Ukrainian negotiating team that met with the Russians in Gomel, Belarus has been killed. He is confirmed dead.

The first story out was that he was killed by the SBU secret police while in detention.

The second story out was that he was shot dead by SBU in an attempted arrest for treason. (As any good Russian spy he supposedly had a gun and reached for it.)

The third story out is that he died a hero while on a “special assignment” for the SBU.

The first story was released by a Ukrainian MP from Zelensky’s party. (Oleksandr Dubinsky.)

The second story was released by the Ukrainian media following up on Dubinsky’s Telegram release.

The third story came later from the intelligence division of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

The third version sounds very patriotic indeed, but by the time it was released Kireev had already been thoroughly denounced as working for oligarch Andrei Klyuev who served in high office under Yanukovich.

That’s no way to treat a “hero”.

He was a Ukrainian delegate (one of 5) for the first set of talks in Gomel, but wasn’t sent for the 2nd round. (Why not?)

Ukraine’s main opposition personality Viktor Medvedchuk is facing treason charges as is the former president Petro Poroshenko. Let’s just say EuroKiev is very active in throwing around “treason” charges these days.

Ukrainian Defense Ministry is the same institution that claims it has so far inflicted over 10,000 KIA on the Russians.

Quite the collection of bruises. Did he fall on his face?


It seems likeliest that he was liquidated by the SBU for being in communication with the Russians for the Ukrainian army intelligence.

  1. Hungary Guy says

    The PLANdemic has failed, millions of people have been injured by the Quackcines and about a hundered thousand DEAD- officially.
    Unofficial, real numbers might be 10x that.

    Of course the West pulled off now a greater Mass Hysteris/ Hypnosis than CONvid HOAX to channel the mountng hatred for their own Governments/ Institutions/ Healthcare etc. against Russia.
    This is very dangerous, could escalate quickly into a Nuclear Exchange.

    1. Jerôme says

      Zoltan, Ukraine is to be divided: return stolen parts to Poland,Romania and Hungary. And then,the Russian speaking regions to Russia… Remember, the same ‘ needle nazis’ pumping into us their Covid propahanda and ” vakcines to kill”, now pumping into us antirussian propaganda and hate of Russia for bandera’s U-krajine!

      1. Marcin says

        Maybe Yes, Maybe not. You can read on the web about the expulsion of Ukrainians from these territories to the foundations of the new Israel.

        1. Mr Reynard says

          Israel ??? Who’s mentioning Israel ?? It’s Greater Khazaria that is really mentioned ??

  2. Kointel Killah says

    This is what winning looks like.

    Glory to the zeros!

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