Ukrainian Drones Humiliate Russian Air Defenses on Snake Island

Russian Navy is not having a good war

On April 25 a military cargo plane took off from Turkey and landed in eastern Poland. Soon thereafter Ukrainians started flying TB2 drones again.

The drones received by the Ukrainian army didn’t accomplish all that much. A number were shot down trying to penetrate into Russia proper.

The drones given to the Ukrainian navy on the other hand staged quite the show. 

First on May 2 they hit two Russian patrol boats near Snake Island. These vessels have a crew of 3.

The next day they hit an Osa anti-aircraft system on Snake Island causing it to cook off.

They also destroyed a Shilka anti-aircraft system two hours later on the same island.

Osa and Shilka are both equipped with radars. Osa fires missiles, while Shilka fires 23 mm automatic cannons. They are both supposed to be able to handle drones.

This was just the introduction.

On May 6 Ukrainian drones visited Snake Island again and destroyed the even more capable Tor anti-aircraft system.

The next day they then destroyed a Serna-class landing ship just as it was delivering another Tor system, before moving onto targeting buildings.

It could be said the Ukrainian Navy wrecked Snake Island pretty good. 3 boats and 4 anti-aircraft systems lost including 3 of which were deployed. Particularly embarrassing is the latter since all of these systems are supposed to be able to handle Bayraktars.

Things are apparently so bad that the Russians are now having to resort to Su-27 fighter jet patrols to be sure of keeping Ukrainian drones away.



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  1. guest says

    On the othet hand, the muddy season is now over, the ground in the Kramatorsk Pocket is dry & firm enough for tanks to roam. Perhaps, we’ll see something spectacular.

    But what is going on around Harkov ? Why is the Russian Army of Liberation leaving the neighbourhood ?
    Baabushka Anya is now in Harkov. After the Russian artillery demolished their very good looking house, the government of Ukraine relocated them there.

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