Ukrainian Drone Strike Kills a 5-Year Old in Donbass

Far behind the frontline

Machine translated from Russian.

Today in the Donetsk People’s Republic one of the most difficult funerals took place: 5-year-old Vladik, who died from a shell dropped from a drone by Ukrainian punishers, was buried.

Donbass military commander and writer Katya Katina published footage of farewell to the boy.

“Look, bastard ukrobots and ‘Rains’, idiots inventing nonsense and actively spreading it, and other evil spirits who wrote: ‘Katya is lying, I don’t believe her.’ Fill up your filthy mouths! 

This is the funeral of five-year-old Vladik killed by Ukrainian creatures. He is buried in a closed coffin, because the boy was actually torn to pieces.

The child’s relatives asked to convey the truth to people, because they were tired of the abomination that spreads on the Internet. Let me remind you that information was spread on the network that the boy was not really there, there was a photo of another murdered child, or it was proved that he died because of a grenade found in the barn of his grandfather. All this was denied by the relatives.

They said: “Yes, the boy was killed by the munitions dropped from the drone. Let the relevant competent authorities find out all the details, ”Katina wrote in her author’s Telegram channel“ Red with a Camera ”. 

The grandmother of the deceased boy, Natalya Terentyeva, said that everything happened near their house when the child was playing in the street. She heard a loud sound, then saw black and white smoke.

“I look, his hair is moving, and his cap is lying, but he has neither a hand nor a leg. It was just a stump, you know. This is not to be told – it must be seen. The stump that was lying there. To understand, you really have to go through it, but it’s very difficult. Now every day to go into this courtyard, knowing that your grandson was lying there.

No parents, no mom … We do not know how we will go through this procedure (funeral – approx. RV). I don’t feel sorry for this house, why did this child suffer? Did he shoot someone? Did he say something bad to someone? He is still an angelic age, he is four years old, he is an angel before God, ”the woman tries to explain what happened through her tears.

Source: RusVesna

Vladik, born in 2016

  1. GMC says

    What the f;; is Donbas and the Russian army waiting for ? An invitation to this childs funeral ? Or the next one and the next and the next one. I’m so PO over this murder I could destroy 10,000 Ukies right now. Brothers my aso – they ain’t family no more – they are just an army waiting for the Jews in Washington and Tel Aviv — to tell them what to do.

    1. Frank says

      Agreed. Russia should have su pported the people of ﹰLuhansk and ﹰDonbass way back in 2014 by kicking the ukies ass. Now the yankees are sending them tons of hardware making the situation worse and bigger to deal with. Hesitation to act decisively has increased costs. Just like in ﹰSyria where instead of kicking the yankees ass ,Russia repeatedly allowed them to rescue and shift the terrorists to safe heavens.

      1. GMC says

        Frank – Russia doesn’t need anything from the West. They are right now – self sufficient – without a doubt. Nordstream II- ? who cares ? Only the rich owners. Certainly the Russian people could care less about it – at this stage. Ukraine gaz transit ? Who cares – the Ukies have been stealin gaz from it – since it was built. Russians care about the old folks in Ukraine 100 Xs more than Kyiv. Russia could spend the next 100 years living , strictly East . There must be a big influence that stops this and I don’t like it. Russia could destroy anybody that causes a threat on their borders – then go back to a normal life.
        The United States could have done the same thing and stayed in the Western Hemisphere and had it Beautiful, but Nobody had the balls to take care of their country and stop the Babylonian Talmud Schemers, Bankers, Illuminati, and traitors that are very visible today. And it looks like Russia may be having an internal ” failure to communicate ” right now. Spacibo

  2. yuri says

    ochen strashna

  3. jha says

    kind of makes one wonder just what side the russians are actually on when they continually sit back and let uncle samuel and his assorted proxies get away with this kind of sh*t

    1. Laurine says

      The Russians are on no “side”. They abhor what was done to Ukraine by the USA and, yes, agreed they should have intervened in 2014. However please do not overlook Russia’s position. If Russia engages in military intervention on behalf of another country it risks something much bigger. USA is waiting, trying to goad Russia into military action that is not on their soil. Then the accusation of “Russian aggression” becomes something they can prove and what will follow is a danger much greater than a regional or civil war. USA and Russia are both nuclear powers Russia’s nuclear program is DEFENSIVE, in order to maintain the balance of power necessary for this evil era of war at any cost. USA’s nuclear ambitions are to support their wish for world dominance. These are the big issues overshadowing this dreadful situation in Ukraine. This little child is a victim of the great war being waged in heaven between the powers of good and evil. We have to pray very hard for the Good. Do not think prayer has no effect. The more humans turn their prayers to God the greater will be the power of the human will to aid in the overcoming of this terrible evil. It will be with us long after Ukraine is settled one way or another. That is why we need to keep focused on the bigger pucture and our prayers to contunue.

  4. melville pouwels says

    for a comedian, butthole, you sure aint funny !!!!

  5. Jerry Hood says

    In a war, the satanic jews like Zelensky, will run away amongst the first traitors! Hopefuly, someone will shoot that mfkr…

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