Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Claims Resistance to Vaccine Sharia Is Organized by Russia to Legitimize Imminent Invasion

“They want the people are against the government”

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence told The Military Times yesterday that psychological warfare in preparation for Russia’s oncoming January invasion is already underway:

Russia has more than 92,000 troops amassed around Ukraine’s borders and is preparing for an attack by the end of January or beginning of February, the head of Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency told Military Times.

Any such attack, however, would first follow a series of psychological operations currently underway designed to destabilize Ukraine and undermine its ability to fight, said Budanov, speaking through an interpreter.

“They want to foment unrest, through protests and meetings, that show the people are against the government,” he said.

Those efforts include ongoing anti-COVID-19 vaccination protests that Budanov said have been organized by Russia, which is also trying to stoke unrest related to the economy and energy supplies.

That’s right. According to the Ukrainian military intelligence chief, resistance to vaccine compulsion in Ukraine is actually organized by the Kremlin, as a prelude to an imminent military offensive.

“They want to foment…protests…that show the people are against the government” these “psychological operations” are “currently underway”.

Of all the governments out there demonizing vaccine compulsion resistors, the Ukrainians take the cake. Trying to delegitimize resistors as agents of your neighbor’s military power is certainly a new one.

While the idea of Russian tanks rolling in to free the uninjected from vaccine coercion is an intriguing one, such liberalization would not follow in the wake of Russian tanks. For that premise to be credible the armor would have to be Belarusian.

  1. Helga Weber says

    Perhaps it is time for today’s empire to suffer the same fate as the one before.

  2. Cap960 says

    The game is clear…challenge Russia into a fight with prefabricated Hollywood stories. January come Ridicule Russia for staying home scared of Ukraine’s almighty army. US parading around the world declaring victory over Russian aggression in the area. Increase Ukraine defenses.

    1. Adam says

      You will be one of their (Communist) many victims if you believe in your delusional FANTASY. Putin is no ones saviour, his role is to destroy you and enslave the rest.This world wide deception is currently in play and the COVID dramas are part of the script as it unfolds. Say your prayers and have you brain scanned to verify if it is still functioning. I wish you luck and safety as things unfold.

  3. Adam says

    The info coming from Ukraine Intel has the smell of Truth about it. Putin playing the current Russian Saint has been running this nefarious deception for some time now. The situation at the Polish/Belorussian border suggests this is part of their plan (Generational Closet Soviet/Russian Communists) pretending to be Russian patriots. These are generational COMMUNISTS who dropped their COVID MASKS. My feeling about this situation is that they will ultimately be defeated as far to many people have experienced and remember the DEAD HAND of Soviet/Tulmudic Communism (enslavement and repression). There is a world wide deception in play now (Communist subversion of Western Governments) that too many people are aware of and I believe that the Putin clique will ultimately be defeated. They are falling into their own trap they have set for others.

    1. Eddy says

      Quote, “The info coming from Ukraine Intel has the smell of Truth about it” Unquote Really ??? From my observation of events in the Ukraine, it appears they have a serious fobia of Russian invasions, as this is not the first time such claims have been made. Ever since the ILLEGAL Pusch over threw the democraticly elected Government there, (with the assistance of Nuduland and her free cookies, and F***K THE E.U). we have heard and seen countless claims of impending Russian invasions. Even photos claiming to support those allegations, photos which were later found to be very old photos from an entirely different location as claimed, in other words FAKE. May I suggest to you, you re-evalute your reasoning and come up with a valid reason why YOU believe, in this later allegation, and what Russia stands to gain from such a foolish act, which would benefit NO ONE, least of all the Ukraine.

      1. BigPsGal says

        Right you are, Eddy.

        I laughed as I read:
        “They want to foment…protests…that show the people are against the government” these “psychological operations” are “currently underway”.

        What’s good for the goose is good for the gander comes to mind.

  4. Steve Ginn says

    The Ukrops are bigger idiots than we give them credit for! Just puppets of the US of Israel.

  5. GMC says

    lol this Baby faced ” officer” has more medals than my old buddy Jim Bondsteel, , plus it looks like he has the Ukie medal of honor – lol I hope he is at the front lines when they attack Donbass and Crimea.

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