Ukraine up in Arms Because Hungary and Russia Signed a Gas Deal

Ukraine fighting to stay addicted to Russian gas fees

Lavrov and Szijjarto in 2017

Ukraine has slammed a new gas deal between Hungary and Russian energy giant Gazprom.

Hungary’s foreign affairs minister Péter Szijjártó signed a 15-year natural gas supply agreement with the firm on Monday.

The deal for 4.5 billion cubic metres of natural gas per year will account for half of Hungary’s gas consumption and will guarantee supplies through new [reliable] routes via Serbia and Austria, cutting off Ukraine as a transit country.

“Today, the reality is that Hungary’s energy needs can be secured in the safest way by a long-term contract with Gazprom,” Szijjártó said.

But under the new deal, Ukraine will lose millions in transit fees and Kyiv says it will be asking the European Commission to assess whether the agreement respects EU energy legislation.

Ukraine’s foreign ministry issued a statement saying that Hungary’s supply deal was a “purely political, economically unreasonable decision” that was taken “to the detriment of Ukraine’s national interests and Ukrainian-Hungarian relations”.

In response, Kyiv cancelled a meeting of a joint commercial committee with Hungary that was scheduled for Thursday.

Szijjártó defended the deal as the only economic reality to secure Hungarian energy needs.

The country has relied on Russia for most of its natural gas imports delivered via a pipeline through Ukraine, but in recent years Russians have diversified exports routes, constructing the Nord Stream pipelines to Germany and the TurkStream link to Turkey.

The Hungarian government announced at the end of August it had agreed with Moscow on all the conditions for a new long-term gas supply deal to take effect from October 1.

The duration for the agreement with Gazprom would be for 15 years, with a clause to change purchased quantities after 10 years.

Two routes will be used, with 3.5 billion cubic metres to come via Serbia and 1 billion cubic metres via Austria.

Source: Euronews

Ukraine, Hungary summon ambassadors over Russian gas deal

A diplomatic conflict between Hungary and Ukraine deepened on Tuesday when the two countries summoned each others’ ambassadors over Budapest’s decision to sign a long-term contract to purchase Russian gas, something Ukraine considers a blow to its economic and national security interests.

The 15-year agreement between Hungary and Russian gas company Gazprom was finalized on Monday, and involves the import of an annual 4.5 billion cubic meters of Russian gas to Hungary through lines that bypass Ukraine, depriving it of lucrative transit fees.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Monday saying Kyiv was “surprised and disappointed” by Hungary’s deal with Russia, calling the move “a purely political, economically unreasonable decision taken in favor of the Kremlin.”

The ministry added it would bring the deal, set to go into effect on Friday, to the European Union’s executive commission to assess its compliance with EU energy regulations.

Writing on Facebook on Tuesday, Hungary’s foreign minister, Peter Szijjarto, said he was “deeply outraged” over what he called Ukraine’s attempts to block the energy agreement, and that Ukraine’s ambassador had been summoned over the “attempt to violate our sovereignty.”

“The Ukrainians have nothing to do with what we agree on and with whom. We consider it a serious violation of our sovereignty and national security interests that they want to prevent the secure supply of gas to our country, the heating of Hungarian people’s homes and the operation of industry,” Szijjarto wrote.

In response, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry summoned the Hungarian ambassador on Tuesday in order to relay Kyiv’s position on the deal.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told Ukrainian TV channel ICTV that Hungary had “dealt a blow to Ukrainian-Hungarian relations by excluding the Ukrainian gas pipeline from the gas supply scheme from Russia.”

“This is a blow, and we will respond to it accordingly, because there should be no pity and no sympathy,” Kuleba said.

Asked if Russia is using gas supplies as a weapon against Kyiv, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said no, adding that Russia uses gas “exclusively in the interests of the people of our country to increase the well-being of Russians, exclusively on a commercial basis.”

The diplomatic conflict came amid already frayed relations between Kyiv and Budapest over a 2017 Ukrainian law requiring education in schools to be conducted in the Ukrainian language for students from the fifth grade on.

Hungary’s government argues that law limits the language rights of the roughly 150,000 ethnic Hungarians living in the western Ukrainian region of Transcarpathia, and has since impeded Ukraine’s efforts to strengthen ties with NATO and the EU.

Source: Associated Press

Hungary Today:

The price is significantly lower than what has been paid up to now based on an agreement signed in 1995, and will contribute to “maintaining the achievements of the utility price cuts, and Hungarian consumers will continue to pay one of the lowest prices in the European Union,” Szijjártó said.

  1. nnn says

    Long overdue to get rid of all this Bandera scum

  2. ken says

    With them all masked up perhaps there was a small gas leak….

  3. Cap960 says

    US colony Ukraine crocodile tears don’t impress.

  4. Mr Reynard says

    Ukraine isn’t worrying at all ? They will be compensated by UK & US for the loss of money from Russia ??
    Boris & Joe have written a cheque for 10Billion £ & Joe one for 100 Billions $ …
    BTW..President Zelensky the cheques are in the mail …

    1. Malatok says

      But will China continue funding deadbeat, war mongering USSA?
      Can’t see it.

      Earth to the turds in Washing town…
      Debt is only wealth when you are already dead.
      Debt bums never get to decide. Slumville owes the world yet imagines it calls the shots
      Tick tock up to our wobbly a$$e$ in hock
      Welfare warefare bums don’t do…jobs!
      The Slumville paper tiger might still be able to whack Nicaragua…wow…scary

      1. Mr Reynard says

        Hmm.. Did China order more US Treasury Bonds ???

  5. yuri says

    parasites suck blood and gas–soon only Salo silotka

  6. Eddy says

    This is the funniest thing to ever come out of the lunatic asylum we call the Ukraine. They have well and truly swallowed U.S. dictates not realising, they’d be cutting off their noses to spite their faces. To this very day, it appears they are still under their false disillusionment and believe behaving like spoilt children will get them what they have been STEALING from other nations a nd Russia ff or many years. I’d say Ukranians are doing an Exceptional job at ISOLATING themselves from their surrounding neighbours. They need to wake up man is NOT an island, we all need to respect each other and get along. Ignoring this, will only increase the pain.

    1. dr. Jack V. B. says

      It is the fact, that ukraine did not payed any of the $$$ owed to Russia, but siphoned the gas like a leech. Created there own shit, blaming others. Typical zionist method…..

  7. Jerry Hood says

    The nosehooked Zelensky( Greenman) should ask for compensations from USrael and Iskrahell! They are his khazarian brothers!

  8. GMC says

    Kiev Gov is sooo brainwashed by the West , they think that they are an Empire in themselves. How Dare You Hungary ! — I wonder if Hungary even recieved a counter offer to the price of gaz that Russia gave lol as if Ukraine could be trusted to abide by any contract. Good article – thanks.

  9. Malatok says

    The loser Ukroppers lashed their downfall to the anglozionazi empire of filth…that abomination spawned from the EUSSR slash Natostan controlled by arch mobster Pentacon USSA for the pedovore bankster trash. Now all hold tentacles as the IOU fiat filth Saudi Mercan freelunch petrodollah gets flushed and with it the entire anglozionazi empire of genocide.

    All the covaids nonsense in the world and the smokescreen covaids death squirt jabbing of the dumbed down dying sheeple can not hide the truth of the evil in the marrow of the so-called western democracies and their morally, spiritually and financially bankrupt state. But how could a NAZI Ukropper be expected to figure that when most of the terrorized mutts in the anglozionazi empire of filth proper still haven’t figured it?

    You are the disease, their covaids death squirt the cure

    Pfizer macht frei…permanently.

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