Ukraine Requested Emergency Assistance From Russia and Belarus

Emergency imports to save it from blackouts

Machine translated from Russian.

The Ukrainian National Energy Company (NJSC) Ukrenergo requested assistance from Russia and Belarus due to the situation with electricity in the country, Ukrainian media write.

The situation with electricity supply in the country has become close to critical, due to the heat, electricity consumption has increased significantly, and coal reserves in the warehouses of power plants have begun to decline. More than 20 power units do not operate at the CHP and TPP, reports .

The ex-minister of housing and communal services of the country Aleksey Kucherenko told the publication that Ukrenergo requested emergency assistance from Russia in connection with the situation on Saturday, and on Sunday turned to Belarus.

The head of the Independent Trade Union of Miners Mikhail Volynets said that Kiev is allegedly ready to buy electricity from Belarus at a price of 2.8 hryvnia per kilowatt.

Earlier on Sunday, the Ukrainian state emergency service reported that in three regions of the country, more than 100 settlements were left without electricity due to strong wind and rain, as a result of bad weather, two people died.

Source: Vzglyad

  1. GMC says

    Yo Kyiv – call up your owners and ask for help – you burnt both country bridges to the North – East – and SouthEast.

  2. kkk says

    Money first, or they will never pay you

  3. Gi Joe says

    Why would Russia and Belarus sell them power unless at a massively over priced rate after they tried to kill the president of Belarus in a coup and they continue to starve Crimea of water????

    1. Eddy says

      My thoughts exactly, tell them to take a hike.

    2. GMC says

      The Ukies cut/ demo’d the main power lines going to Crimea about 3-4 years ago – we had no power for a long, long time. Now they want some of our power ? LOL They are just like the US Gov..

    3. Bill Jackson says

      People, remember that there are still many good people in Ukraine who need power. Putin is humanitarian enough to understand that. He won’t let multitudes suffer just to try to punish a handful of assholes. Think with your logic, not your hatred.

  4. Eddy says

    W.T.F. is this for real ??? Having trouble believing it myself. This is allegedly coming from a nation that has VILLIFIED and Attacked Russia on numerous occassions, on to of that, it has cut the rail line preventing imports of Russian coal to run their power stations, and now it is claimed they are seeking Russia’s help for their loss of power ????????? Surely, this is a joke ??? Why call on Russia, their good mates in the E.U. should be over the moon to assist them in this regard, (for a price) also how come their bestest mates in the U.S. can’t flog off a ship load of fracking gas to run their power stations ? I sincerely hope, the Russians give them the finger, it is more than well deserved.

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