Ukraine Passes Law Making 100,000 Territorial Defense Militias Deployable Across Country

Ukraine just gained 100,000 light infantry — while Vagina Putin lacks the political cajones to deploy even just serving conscripts

Editor’s note: The new Ukrainian law means a couple of things:

1. It means that Ukraine has broken its words to its Territorial volunteers that they wouldn’t be sent to fight outside their regions. That’s a move that is as sleazy as it is predictable. The Soviet Union did the same to its Opolchenie militias in 1942 who were eventually pressed into the Red Army and Imperial Russia partially did the same to Opolchenie in 1812.

2. It means that Territorial Defense can not become a safe haven for shirkers. Until now there was a theoretical path where volunteering for the Territoral Defense kept you safe from the front and from conscription at the same time.

3. It means that at a swoop Ukraine gains over 100,000 fighters it can deploy anywhere in the country. These are just light infantry formations without organic artillery backing except for mortars. Nonetheless, they can be useful if placed into cities or if paired with heavier units.

4. Mostly it shows Ukraine’s resolve to do everything it takes to win this war, or come as close to winning as possible. Something that Russia is sorely missing.

Territorials have already been deployed to the front before, even outside their regions, as I already wrote about. This now gives the practice legal sanction.

Source: Ukrainian News

The Verkhovna Rada provided an opportunity for territorial defense to carry out tasks in areas of military (combat) operations.

A total of 338 MPs voted for the adoption of bill No.6521, with the minimum required 226, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The bill provides for the expansion of the tasks of territorial defense.

Previously, the territorial defense performed tasks within the territory of the corresponding territorial community.

According to the bill, the tasks of territorial defense are carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine, including areas of military (combat) operations, including the occupied territories.

The decision to fulfill the tasks by territorial defense in the areas of military (combat) operations is made by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, on January 27, the Verkhovna Rada allowed the defense volunteers to use MANPADS and anti-tank missile systems.

6 Members of Parliament from the European Solidarity faction propose the parliament allow the fighters of the territorial defense to keep weapons at home.

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  1. guest says

    My, my; how you demoted Vladimir Vladimirovich from fearless leader & 5D Grand Protector to “pussy”

    In the attached picture of the Ukrainian News, well-dressed lads are standing around in face-masks —will do much good while rolling in ditches. Both armies are force-vaccinated, but facemasks are good to have, in case a dusty old building explodes right next to you.

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