Ukraine May Be Designated a “Major Non-NATO Ally” of the US

Would open doors to Americans servicing US-made weapons in Ukraine

The Military Industrial Congressional Complex is on the move again, at the cost of edging closer to WWIII if need be

The Embassy of Ukraine in the US has said that a draft bill has been presented at the US House of Representatives that would grant Ukraine the status of “major non-NATO ally” until the country becomes a full member of the Transatlantic military alliance.

According to an embassy statement, the new bill would strengthen US support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, as well as increasing American defence assistance under simplified terms, by “providing military hardware, selling lethal weapons to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, as well as enhancing Ukraine’s ability to confront Russia’s cyberattacks.”

In addition, the strategic partnership would allow Ukraine to have extended access to purchases of US military equipment while Ukrainian businesses would be entitled to bid on US military contracts for the maintenance of American equipment outside the US.

The bipartisan bill comes after the US Congress failed to vote on the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 that would have granted the country with the same special status five years ago.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who was recently invited to the White House by US President Donald Trump, has endorsed the bill, saying that it is an important signal of a strong strategic partnership. “I am grateful to the United States for the consistent support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” he said.

Source: Emerging Europe

  1. CHUCKMAN says

    They are bound to try influencing Zelinsky.

    I just hope he can stand off a bit and keep to an independent point of view about what is really good for Ukraine.

    Most American action and talk display no more concern for the people of Ukraine than they do for the women and children of Yemen or Syria or Libya.

    Brutal empires are not run on sentiment.

  2. Garry Compton says

    Looks like Zelinsky just got a wheelbarrow full of money – compliments from the US/NWO – MIC. Being a Washington puppet means your countrymen are – worthless and can be – sacrificed.

    1. thomas malthaus says

      The US has a Black Sea naval base at Ochakov. This new designation doesn’t seem to change what has been occurring since at least the Obama years.

      1. Garry Compton says

        Yep, I’m familiar with the area, they pretty much provide security for Monsanto, Cargill and Dupont’s port that ship produce, grain, arms and anything else that makes black market money.

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