Ukraine Has First-Rate Satellite Intelligence Courtesy of Uncle Sam, Making Its Artillery Far Deadlier

Lawfully Russia would be entirely justified in shooting down US satellites

Ukrainian military publicized an artillery strike it conducted against a camp of the Russian 35th Combined Arms Army (accompanied by horribly cheezy music considering the occasion):

How does a strike like this happen?

Aside from counter-battery fire, such an installation is defenseless against enemy long-range artillery. What keeps it safe is that normally enemy wouldn’t know about it. The enemy can’t normally see tens of kilometers behind your front line.

On paper the Ukrainians have the capability to discover such camps by flying drones, either in a grid search or directing them to sources of intense radio chatter they might have detected.

But there is reason to believe their reconnaissance is far simpler than that. The New York Times reports:

In Washington and Germany, intelligence officials race to merge satellite photographs with electronic intercepts of Russian military units, strip them of hints of how they were gathered, and beam them to Ukrainian military units within an hour or two.

So the Americans are providing the Ukrainians with numerous satellite images of the battlefield and of the Russian rear.

So in fact the Ukrainians do not need to spend time and resources discovering the layout of the Russian rear. Something they would have only a limited ability to do.

Instead, the whole Russian rear is laid bare to them courtesy of American satellites.

Knowing exactly where the Russian camps are, they are easy enough to target. Whether with the help of drone surveillance for better precision or not. (Particularly by self-propelled artillery which can quickly change position after a few salvos to avoid potential Russian counter-fire.)

America is neck-deep in this war. This is yet one more aspect of its involvement.

(Or you could say that America launched a war vs Russia decades ago and Russia responded by opening a front in Ukraine. Ergo the daily Pentagon briefings on an ostensibly Russian-Ukrainian war.)

Actually, The New York Times tries to muddy the waters by saying that the US is not passing on “intelligence that would tell Ukrainian forces how to go after specific targets” but I don’t know what that is even supposed to mean.

And they say they are not passing on specific intelligence that would tell Ukrainian forces how to go after specific targets. The concern is that doing so would give Russia an excuse to say it is fighting the United States or NATO, not Ukraine.

They’re passing on images coupled with electronic intercepts within an hour but it’s not “specific intelligence” about “specific targets”. So what does that mean? That Americans will send an image of Russian forces and installations but they won’t circle them with a thick red marker? What kind of gaslighting is this? Of course, satellite images will help with targeting and long-range attacks.


The 35th Combined Arms is from the Eastern Military District and is moving south from Belarus to blockade Kiev from the west
  1. SteveK9 says

    So, what do you think they should do, besides shooting down US satellites, if that is possible?

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      I say, splash all their frigging recon satellites. That would be doing the entire world a big favour. We’re still waiting on the Americans’ satellite images of the MH17 downing how many years later?

  2. Ken D says

    Good for you. What do you want a cookie or a pat on the back?

    1. Helga Weber says

      For you too, give some to the food bank.

      1. Jerôme says

        Selling vagina…24/7&365/6…

    2. johnny says

      Why not a good kick in the azz?

  3. ken says

    If the US or any other nation is providing sat intel or any kind of intel than that is an overt act of war. The US knows this which is why the New York Slimes is coy about it.

    I can guarantee you,,, if the situation was reversed the US would destroy every Russian satellite in orbit.

    But according to Americans and the West, the US has special privileges not accorded to other nations.

    1. Helga Weber says

      because they are the chosen people or is that the Israelis?

      1. fred says

        Both. They are one and the same. Potato/potato tomato/tomato

    2. Albert Nogala says

      I wonder who’s behind it. Neocons and radical liverals love war and make a lot of money from it, from the huge military-industrial-governmental war machine the US now supports. Talk about oligarchs, we love to criticize Russian oligarchs, but look at Fauci and big pharma, they’re killing people and even children with their mRNAs that do more harm than good while suppressing Ivermectin, our war machine, our big tech and msm that censor news, the US is run by oligarchs. And our politicians are in their pockets. The US is in deep deep trouble, I don’t know how it’s going to survive this in any recognizable form.

      1. fred says

        Its not meant to survive.

  4. Thomas Malthaus says

    Ground reconnaissance can give the same information.

  5. Helga Weber says

    You could give some money to the food bank, that would make you feel really good.

  6. bert33 says

    Zelensky’s still a criminal sorry and he needs to present himself to the russian authorities so he can make that court appearance

    1. Albert Nogala says

      He’s a criminal puppet and he deserves anything that happens to him. His day is coming… soon.

  7. Jerôme says

    Prostitutes and pedophiles offers here jobs…Disgusting A-E…

  8. Albert Nogala says

    That is an act of war on our part, and as a NATO member that is an extremely dangerous thing to do. Russia has every right to defend itself against us, which might end up invoking Article 5, which might lead to a nuclear exchange. So this is playing with nuclear fire, it is unethical, immoral, and literally insane. Whoever did this deserves to be hung for treason and crimes against humanity.

    1. Red Burt says

      Are you speaking about the innocent Ukrainians being bombed and the Russian thugs – not even trained or organized Soldiers stealing from the Ukraine villagers?

      1. fred says

        The innocent Ukes that have been bombed , shelled, and sniped for the last 8 years have been done by the illegal uke government installed by v. Nudelman. Not by Russians. The civilians are happy to finally see the Russians there

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