Ukraine Gets Bayraktars, Russia Gets South Ossetians

Armed forces of 4 states now involved in fighting in Ukraine on the Russian side

A Ukrainian Antonov An-124 returned from Turkey yesterday to western Poland probably bringing TB2 drones:

It is perhaps notable the aircraft didn’t fly over Bulgaria, Serbia or Hungary.

Meanwhile Russia is getting different kind of aid. Fighters from South Ossetia are on the way to Ukraine, probably the Donbass theater.

That the fighters were seen off by the President and given police escort would imply this is an official South Ossetian intervention in the war in Ukraine.

Not counting Belarus which has offered its territory to Russia but isn’t participating directly there are now three states (all of them unrecognized) fighting on Russia’s side. Donetsk, Lugansk and South Ossetia. South Ossetians will see this as returning the favor to Russians who saved them from a Georgian offensive in 2008.

That said the entire population of South Ossetia is 50,000 people so it’s not exactly a military superpower.

It is perhaps interesting to muse on the fact that among its vassals who follow her into wars America can count the likes of UK, France, and Australia, while Moscow has to settle for the likes of Lugansk and South Ossetia.

Not difficult to see who is the underdog globally speaking.

These seem like Russians albeit one vehicle is sporting an Ossetian flag:

  1. TZVI says

    Token force at best. Might replace some wounded dead, or captured. Bayraktar drones are not impervious to being shot down, after they did their damage most of the first set were shot down, mostly by air defense.

  2. ken says

    America can count the likes of UK, France, and Australia, while Moscow has to settle for the likes of Lugansk and South Ossetia.”

    You have to admire those that are willing to fight and die against the Empire regardless of size.

    1. iconoclast says

      uk, france & australia = incompetent wimps. better to have battle savvy & hardened troops led by real strategists.

  3. guest says


    Would it be possible to find clips of Radio or TV news in Russia, in 1980, 1981 ? Or clips of the english-language service of Radio Moscow ?

    The Nazis didn’t just spring up in Ukraine, out of nowhere. There were already American-sponsored fascists in Afghanistan in 1980. According to Radio Moscow, and the 8 o’clock TV and Radio news, the Soviet Union had to rush to the rescue of the people of Afghanistan, because they were over-run by fascists. Russia had to liberate the Afghan people from the american-sponsored fascists and de-nazify the country. (selflessly, of course, just for the benefit of the Afghan people).

    Moscow news announcements from 1980-81 would give good historical context to Russia’s crusade to liberate from Nazis anyone in sight.

  4. Ragde says

    Why would Russia leave an air strip capable of landing tis plane and why would they not shoot the plane down?

  5. XSFRGR says

    Will someone explain to me, in small words that I can understand, why Russia is allowing its enemy to be resupplied with lethal weapons ???

    1. Algo says

      It’s part of the Great Reset and Agenda 2030. To think Putin isn’t in on it is to ignore their Covid response. This war is just phase two.

      1. XSFRGR says

        I hope not, but I don’t deny the possibility.

    2. Eric the Red says

      Who says it really happened? @spriter99880 ? Doesn’t sound like a serious, dependable source of information to me. But if something like it did happen, don’t you expect that Russia has an intelligence network that covers Ukraine from top to bottom, and that the Russian military will quickly get around to destroying it en masse before too long ?

      1. XSFRGR says

        That’s somewhat like the burning supply ship. There was a burning ship, but it was not, to my knowledge, a Russia navy supply ship.

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