Ukraine Fires 150 Tons of NATO-Provided Munitions at Russians Daily

3000 155mm rounds in context

Source: The Drive

A senior [US] defense official told reporters in a background briefing on Friday that Ukrainian forces are firing some 3,000 155mm shells per day at Russian forces.

The revelation came amid questioning on the latest tranche of weapons and ammunition being sent to Ukraine, including, for the first time 1,000 guided 155mm ‘smart’ shells.

The official said despite the high usage rate, Ukrainian forces still have “substantial stores” of 155mm rounds and are far from running out with more rounds on the way. The U.S. and NATO allies have donated hundreds of thousands of 155mm rounds to Ukraine.

“We’ve supplied it, other countries have supplied that,” the official said. “… We know what their use rate is, we know what their store rate is, and we’re monitoring that as we continue to supply them capabilities.”

Footage from Friday showed a Ukrainian PzH-2000 self-propelled howitzer crew firing 155mm rounds every eight seconds in combat near the frontline.

Editor’s note: A 155mm shell weighs nearly 50 kilograms. It is sometimes fired with one or more additionall propellant charge bags weighing 6 kilograms. The Ukrainians have been known to exaggarate their ammo consumption and ammo shortages for effect.

  1. Dale says

    Ukrainian pin pricks vs. Russian hammer blows.

  2. Danram says

    Just wait until the new HIMARS rockets with the 300 km range arrive! 🙂 The Russians will have no place to hide. HIMARS and M270 launchers will be able to strike anywhere in occupied Ukraine, including Crimea, with pinpoint accuracy. Once the railroad system has been totally degraded, Russia won’t be able to get supplies to any of its troops in anywhere near the quantities that would be required for them to be able to defend their positions.

    One of the first targets for the new 300 km rockets will be the Kersch Strait bridge. As we have all seen, Russian air defenses, including its vaunted S-400 missiles, are helpless against MLRS rockets.

    Ukraine will win this war. It’s only a matter of time.

    1. Emmet John Sweeney says

      What planet are you from? Beam down to Earth and see what’s going on here.

  3. tobi999 says

    LOL one third gets destroyed before it arrives, one third gets destroyed on the battlefield and on third gets sold on the black market, Russia has already a HIMARS system XD

  4. ATBOTL says

    Putin is a moronic liberal cuck.

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