Ukraine Can’t Accept Putin’s Peace Because It’s High on Its Own War Propaganda

When your information war goes too well for your own good

Source: The Octavian Report

President Zelensky will not accept the maximalist deal that Putin is pushing now, because he knows that the moment he does, the popularity he’s gained in the war will be destroyed.

Ukraine is now hostage to its own propaganda. I think that many Ukrainians actually believe that they’re winning the war and that if they don’t stop Putin, they will all die. So they will not surrender.

It’s really tragic, but I don’t think that they will accept a peace settlement that makes them semi-dependent on the aggressor, even if it saves their cities. The ugliest days of this war are in front of us, not behind us.

Editor’s note: Zelensky went on record saying that he has “cooled off on NATO” and then that Ukraine “must admit” it will never become part of NATO, but then goes on to demand a US naval blockade or Russia, an aerial war against Russia, and a total economic embargo.

If he wants Moscow to back down he will need to show that Ukraine can be something other than an Anti-Russia.

  1. GMC says

    Zelinsky is a front man/actor – just like ” the Brandon Biden” is in the US. There is no use in even talkin at the Dude , with a new Florida estate. Maybe “Yats, is our guy ” can be his new neighbor.

  2. Martillo says

    Zelensky will do well later in Hollyweird with his khazar klown kousins.

  3. XSFRGR says

    Unfortunately Putin is also falling in the trap of remaining in a static forward posture for far too long. If a military organization “Leans Forward” for too long it loses inertia, and focus. Leaning forward also provides the enemy with an opportunity to maneuver, and indicators of its future axis of advance, and routes of logistical support. The reason that the Wehrmacht was so successful in its initial advance into the Soviet Union was that Hitler caught Stalin “Leaning Forward”. Putin needs to get this over with.

    1. Face of Castlereagh says

      Unfortunately Putin is also falling in the trap of remaining in a static forward posture for far too long. 

      I think that the goal was to remain static in a pincer, while the cities use up provisions and the civilians then leave. This is why I disbelieve most of the claims of Russians deliberately shooting at civilian cars leaving urban areas. The Russians do not benefit from civilians remaining in urban areas, only the defenders would directly benefit.

      The last media report I saw claimed a 50% reduction in the civilian population of Kyiv, which is more valuable to the Rus tactically than delivering ordinance.

      Zelensky is probably not going to be as popular in the aftermath of this as most people are assuming, because the tactically noble option was to take the fight outside of the city, on a defensive battlespace. There does not appear to be a Maginot line that is protecting Kyiv, the urban center is instead sheltering the combatants.

      In the aftermath, more people are going to have been casualties due to the military fighting out of civilian neighborhoods than from Rus ordinance. There really is no other way for the Uke’s to prolong the resistance, but its not going to result in the popular support many are assuming, upon conclusion.

      People will eventually begin to report that they were told not leave in some areas, and were attacked as defectors or traitors for trying to do so, which is largely being suppressed at this point.

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