UK Threatens Up to 10 Years Imprisonment for Breaking “COVID” Travel Diktats

"To threaten people with a decade behind bars or a life-ruining fine for breaching travel rules is a grotesque abuse of state power"

People returning to England from abroad face up to 10 years in prison if they break travel rules. That’s right – 10 years.

Health secretary Matt Hancock announced new, staggeringly authoritarian enforcement measures in the House of Commons today.

Passengers returning from one of the 33 designated ‘red list’ countries will have to quarantine in government-approved hotels from next week. Anyone who lies on their passenger-locator form about whether they have visited one of these countries faces imprisonment for up to 10 years. As the Telegraph’s assistant head of travel, Oliver Smith, has pointed out, this is longer than some sentences for rape (the average sentence is estimated to be eight years).

In addition, passengers who fail to quarantine in hotels when required to do so will face staggering fines of up to £10,000.

This is horrifying. Of course, we need to take steps to manage the arrival of travellers from countries with high levels of infection, particularly since different variants of Covid have emerged. But to threaten people with a decade behind bars or a life-ruining fine for breaching travel rules is a grotesque abuse of state power.

During the pandemic, we have faced unprecedented attacks on our civil liberties. We have been ordered to stay at home and have been banned from socialising under the threat of fines. But this latest move is the most draconian yet.

Prison should only be reserved for the most serious violent offences. But we have now reached the stage where a 10-year sentence is considered an appropriate punishment for lying on a travel form.

Source: spiked

  1. Sally Snyder says

    As shown in this article, there is a very tangled web associated with governments’ mandatory masking narrative:

    Anyone who is considered an expert on any aspect of COVID-19 should be asked whether they or their employer has ever received any funding from Bill Gates just so that the unwashed masses can put their “expertise” into context.  All you have to do is follow the money and you’ll figure out the veracity of the message.

    1. Mark says

      The western media managed to spin the Danish Facemask Study – the first ever of its kind, so when they say “follow the science”, they are full of it because there was never a study of facemasks specifically to determine if they prevented infection by an airborne respiratory virus – into an endorsement of masking mandates. Even though the result cited by the researchers was that the difference in infections between mask-wearers and those unmasked was within the statistical margin of error and therefore not significant. Prior to that, three major medical journals refused to publish the study, which is the only route to peer review, until they were shamed into it by the level of public interest.

      For some reason which is not obvious, mask-wearing is terribly, terribly important to the agenda-setters, and as a consequence the threat from COVID only gets more terrible and insidious every day. The solidarity remark hits home, because it is putting a positive spin on a less-obvious dividend – law enforcement. You can see at a glance who is following government instructions and who is not. You don’t even have to be present – you can look at security video from Heathrow Airport and easily spot the unmasked. Along with the US Surgeon-General, who implored the general American public to ‘stop buying masks’, Fauci himself told a TV audience last march that there was ‘no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, it might make you feel a bit better, but they don’t provide the protection people think they do’. Both these authorities swiftly reversed themselves and became active and energetic boosters of masking, and claiming their only motivation for arguing against it was to protect limited supplies for frontline workers. But now the mask supply is apparently so generous that you are encouraged to wear two at the same time for minimum safe protection..

      1. GMC says

        I would imagine the stock for 3 M or other mask makers have had a very good year. The Covid plan has many many end games. People stuck in their house, usually turn on the TV and get to listen to Propaganda for 24/7 = just one end game.

  2. ken says

    “To threaten people with a decade behind bars or a life-ruining fine for breaching travel rules is a grotesque abuse of state power”

    Really! Wow,,, Abuse of state power!

    Then we have:
    “During the pandemic, we have faced unprecedented attacks on our civil liberties. We have been ordered to stay at home and have been banned from socialising under the threat of fines. But this latest move is the most draconian yet.

    Yes,,, no matter how much information is available to the contrary… THE VIRUS IS REAL,,, THE PANDEMIC IS REAL!!!!

    Yes folks,,, the plague kill rate of 0.013% is today a pandemic. Proven by the bogus PCR test. The plague is soooo terrible one must take a test to see if they have it. You see,,, one of the worst symptoms of this plague is you feel fine and appear healthy. You are a “superpooper spreader,,, a menace to society! (lol)

    For the lazy:

    While Drosten et al’s Eurosurveillance article (undertaken in liaison with the WHO) confirmed that “several viral genome sequences had been released”, in the case of 2019-nCoV, however, “virus isolates or samples from infected patients were not available … “(emphasis added):

    “The genome sequences suggest presence of a virus closely related to the members of a viral species termed severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-related CoV, a species defined by the agent of the 2002/03 outbreak of SARS in humans [3,4].

    We report on the the establishment and validation of a diagnostic workflow for 2019-nCoV screening and specific confirmation [using the RT-PCR test], designed in absence of available virus isolates or original patient specimens. Design and validation were enabled by the close genetic relatedness to the 2003 SARS-CoV, and aided by the use of synthetic nucleic acid technology.” (Eurosurveillance, January 23, 2020, emphasis added).

    What this (erroneous) statement suggests is that the identity of 2019-nCoV was not required and that “validation” would be enabled by “the close genetic relatedness to the 2003-SARS-CoV.”


    Now if they haven’t isolated the 2019 Sars CoV virus,,, How would they know it ad a close genetic relationship with 2003 Sars CoV?

    Yes folks,,, once again,,, you have been had!

  3. ken says

    Well,,, it appears I have been banned or censored here. Lasted longer then I thought it would.
    Thanks for what little time I had.

  4. GMC says

    Well, there ya go Brits – head to that country where – you always wanted that – extra passport – and ask for political asylum and refugee status. Because the country you live in — isn’t worth staying in.

  5. Jerry Hood says

    ” great” USAtan is giong crazy under unelected fake ” president” Beij8ng Biden..Most favora le ally in Europe, the UK is going even crazier….

  6. Vonu says

    The new variants of COVID aren’t different from the original non-existent one.

  7. yuri says

    anglos obviously despise freedom

  8. Mr Reynard says

    Funny ?? The subhuman asylum seekers raping young English girls get parole after 2 weeks in jail ?? Wonder what would be the sentence for those subhumans if they breach the travel rule to go & rape more little English girls ?? 3 Weeks & then another parole?

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