UK Is Dishing Out £10,000 No-Appeal Fines to Students for Inviting People Over to Their Own Rented Properties

You had more property rights under Joseph Stalin

The kids wanted to have an event before the place goes into even more totalitarian crackdowns and they become even more impossible

Three students from the University of East Anglia have been fined £10,000 each for holding a house party attended by up to 100 guests.

Norfolk Police confirmed they were called to a house in Bowthorpe Road in Norwich, near the university campus, just after 1am on Sunday morning.

When they got there, they found up to 100 people inside.

Three women, one aged 19 and two aged 20, were all given the maximum £10,000 fine for “contravening the ban on being involved in holding a gathering of more than 30 people.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for Norfolk Police reiterated the force “would not sit back and allow people to deliberately break the law.”

A spokesperson for the UEA confirmed that the university “fully support” the action taken by the police.

The university’s student union also said they condemned the actions of the students involved, but added that they believed the “life-altering fine of £10,000” was “disproportionate.”

“Students are not exempt from the law, but we believe the life-altering fine of £10,000 with no right of appeal for the hosts is disproportionate and would caution the university to bear this in mind during their own investigation.”

Source: ITV

Four students in Nottingham have been fined £10,000 each after throwing a party despite coronavirus restrictions, having told police that officers had “spoiled their fun”.

The group were caught by community protection officers on a patrol of the city, which is in Tier 2 restrictions where household mixing is banned indoors. [And about to go into even the more totalitarian “Tier 3 when life will become even more miserable for the youth and moving around for socialization even more impeded.]

They spotted the revellers at a house in the Lenton area – known for its large student population.

When approached, the group – who all study at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) – claimed that everyone had left, but upon further inspection, officers found more than 30 people hiding in the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Nottinghamshire Police say the students said the officers were “spoiling their fun” – and that they should be having the “time of their lives”.

Nottingham, home to two universities, until last week had the highest COVID-19 infection rate in England, and talks are ongoing in the wider region to bring it into Tier 3 of the government’s coronavirus restrictions.

On Wednesday, NTU confirmed that the group had been suspended while an investigation into their behaviour gets under way.

“We know that the vast majority of our students respect the guidelines and advice,” said a spokesman.

“We will not tolerate any breaches, and where we have evidence of any breaches, we will always take immediate action under our disciplinary processes.”

In a separate incident, another NTU student was handed a £200 fine after they were caught at a party at a student accommodation block.

Assistant Chief Constable Kate Meynell, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This needs to stop. The claims that police presented as a barrier to the students’ fun are astounding.

“How many fines do we have to give before the message is understood? We do not take pleasure in handing out fines and would much rather be in a situation where students could enjoy themselves, but the reality is that if people do not follow the COVID-19 restrictions, more people will die.

Source: Sky News

  1. ke4ram says

    The human race is done for. They have traded freedom for government safety and security.

    The virus has not been isolated therefor the PCR test is bogus churning out false positives like a broken slot machine. The DNA they’re using was manufactured by a computer.

    The deaths are being manipulated. Now they’re using Cases and conflating them with Infections.

    Even IF the virus was real and the PCR had real data to work with it cannot determine replication or infection,,, it cannot even determine the virus is covid.

    There is only one way this can be stopped and it won’t be pretty. Many will perish but if you want freedom and a future for your children, that’s what its gonna take.

    Otherwise get used to this…..

    1. Jimbo Mcgee says

      It’s mass insanity. No tribe or nation since the beginning of time would shut down their entire way of life for a disease, I dare say even if it killed 20% of the population.

    2. Maxwell says

      The human race is not done for- plenty of us around:

    3. Steve Struthers says

      The fines will never get collected, in all likelihood. And there is nothing under UK law that I know of that would stop the students from hiring a lawyer and suing the police and the university for this rather egregious breach of their rights.

  2. Maxwell says

    Covid Sharia Law- these criminals were probably playing music, dancing and drinking- in short having fun.

    Haven’t they heard- fun no longer exists.

    F*ck these bastards that are attempting to crush the human spirit- never.

    Don’t just play it- play it loud:

    1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

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