UK Health Chief Has High Hopes for the Next 300 COVID Vaccines in Development

67 million Britain has ordered 442 million vaccine doses so far

UK Health Security Agency head of influenza and respiratory virology Professor Maria Zambon

Some of the the 300 next generation Covid vaccines could finally achieve the aim of stopping people from spreading Covid, according to a UK Government virologist.

Professor Maria Zambon, influenza and respiratory virology head of the new UK Health Security Agency, said the current crop of Covid vaccines should be considered the ‘first generation’.

The Government has ordered 60million doses of Novavax, which the MHRA is currently reviewing. Pfizer is the most-ordered jab in the UK, with 135million due to arrive in Britain by next year. Some 100million doses of AstraZeneca have been ordered, along with 60million doses of the jab made by GSK. Meanwhile, the Government has requested 50million CureVac vaccines, 20million Janssen and 17million Moderna injections.

It was previously hoped that the current generation of Covid vaccines, initial studies of which showed huge efficacy in preventing infections that herd immunity in the population could be possible with high vaccination rates.

Herd immunity refers to having enough people in a population are effectively immune to a pathogen — meaning they are unable to catch and pass it on.

But the rise of the super-virulent Delta variant of Covid led scientists to believe the herd immunity is currently unachievable, because it makes vaccines weaker at stopping infection.

But Professor Zambon said that this might change in the years to come.

‘We have well over 300 vaccines in development worldwide, the vaccines that we see in here are very much first generation vaccines,’ she said.

‘It will be interesting to see in the coming years how next generation vaccines, or improved vaccines, can actually help on this question of prevention of infection, not just prevention of severe disease.’

Professor Zambon was speaking following the publication of a new study she contributed to showing that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people have the same potential to infect people if they catch Covid.

The study, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, found that regardless of vaccination status people who caught Covid had the same viral load until it peaked at three to four days after infection.

Viral load references how much virus is in a substance, in the case of Covid this means how much is present in the upper respiratory tract, the mouth, nose and throat.

But vaccinated people did have an easier time after the viral peak, with their bodies better able to fight off the virus.

But the discovery suggests that the vaccinated can spread the disease just as easily as the unvaccinated, though they are less likely to catch the virus in the first place.

The UK has ordered more than 400million doses of eight difference vaccines, but only four have been approved by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency: AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen.

Another key finding of the most recent study was that double-jabbed people still have a one in four chance of catching Covid from an infected household member, according to a study by ‘Professor Lockdown‘ Neil Fergusson.

This is even the case if the person infected was fully jabbed themselves, in what is known as a vaccine breakthrough case, said Imperial College London researchers.

But the risk to unvaccinated household members was even greater, with a 38 per cent chance of catching the virus from infected household members.

The scientists were ‘surprised’ to discover that the protection offered by the Covid vaccines began to significantly wane just three months after the second dose.

They say the findings make it more crucial than ever for people to come forward for their booster jab.

Source: The Daily Mail

  1. Maiasta says

    A genuine anti-mandate opposition amongst a small group of MEPs:

    MEP Christine Anderson prefers jail to forced vaccination

    1. ken says

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    2. Mr Reynard says

      You don’t need special skills to make home porn …

  2. ken says

    Who in the hell authorizes any government to take tax payers money to buy 60 freakin million useless jabs? What,,, these nazis are holding stock! Pretty cool fraud eh. Use OPM to buy and bounce up the stock. Sell. Rinse and Repeat.

    Another Lancet study,,, and then we hear from that Ferguson nutjob. He’s the lunatic that started this scam and the lockdowns,,, all the while he was sneaking around boning somebodies wife…. Not only did he bone her, he boned the rest of us as well!

    And then we have this jewel:

    “The scientists were ‘surprised’ to discover that the protection offered by the Covid vaccines began to significantly wane just three months after the second dose.”

    Well, no shit,,, Ya see, that is what happens when you do zero testing and using your neighbors as lab monkeys. And these lunatics call themselves scientists? (in a shrieking voice)

    And in the EU and UK they’re around 30,000 dead. 18,000 in the US… Yeah, folks,,, go get your boosters now! Be the first on your block to keel over with a clot.

    And even worse,,, Supposedly intelligent people believe these fraudsters. (turning red in the face)

    Slowly but surely were all going to go Australia if we don’t smarten up.

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