UK Doctor: “Relentless & Coercive Push of the COVID Vaccine Roll-Out Makes a Mockery of Informed Consent”

“When I was offered Covid vaccination by my GP, I asked him which it was he was offering me. He thought they were all the same"

A GP in the United Kingdom has lambasted the relentless and coercive push of the authorities Covid-19 experimental vaccine roll-out and insisted it makes a mockery of informed consent.

Dr Teck Khong, who served as a GP at Pasley Road Health Centre in Leicester for 37 years until March 2019, implied that the general public were not being told the facts about the new Covid vaccines as he suggested they may believe the different brands of vaccines are all the same as each other. Pointing out that even his own GP was none the wiser.

“When I was offered Covid vaccination by my GP, I asked him which it was he was offering me. He thought they were all the same until I explained that there are 7 technological approaches being employed in the making of the 214 vaccine candidates that were in the pipeline or had reached emergency authorisation in December 2020. This impression of homogeneity has been allowed to be glibly glossed over in the mass immunisation programme.” Dr Teck Khong said.

The fact that medical professionals do not know what these “vaccines” actually are or how they work is extremely concerning.

The Pfizer / BioNTech “vaccine” which was approved for emergency use back in December 2020 is an mRNA gene therapy. As is the Moderna jab which is supposed to hit UK shores soon. The mRNA gene therapy has never before been authorised for use in humans, and for good reason.

In the development of vaccines against coronaviruses like SARS-COV-1 and MERS in the early 2000’s, researchers found evidence of a serious problem. Teams of U.S. and foreign scientists vaccinated animals with the four most promising vaccines. At first, the experiment seemed successful as all the animals developed a robust antibody response to coronavirus. However, when the scientists exposed the vaccinated animals to the wild virus, the results were horrifying. Vaccinated animals suffered hyper-immune responses including inflammation throughout their bodies, especially in their lungs.

Many people are under the impression the Oxford / AstraZeneca jab is no different to the traditional vaccines such as the ones used to inoculate against influenza. They couldn’t be more wrong. The AstraZeneca “vaccine” is also a new technology never before authorised for use in human beings. It is a ‘viral vector’ vaccine which uses a chimpanzee common cold viral vector known as ChAdOx1, which injects “code” into the recipients DNA and allegedly instructs it to make the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

Dr Teck Khong then went on to lambaste the disingenuous impression that there are no long term consequences of having one of the experimental Covid jabs.

“It is disingenuous to give the public the impression that there are no potential long term sequelae, no more than is the dearth of information that makes the ethical requirement of informed consent a mockery given the relentless and coercive push of the mass immunisation programme.

“We in the medical profession should remain not only vigilant to adverse events in the aftermath of vaccination but must also be advocates of our patients in timely intervention with the most appropriate medicines for any given clinical stage of illness presentation.”

Dr Khong then called for health professionals to support one another to better understand the risks associated with the experimental Covid vaccines, insisting many people may not require vaccination and may be susceptible to developing serious adverse reactions to the jabs.

“Additionally, we must continue to support one another in the understanding of the pathophysiology of causally related adverse events so we are enabled to define with greater accuracy the risk factors of the vulnerable. Indeed, it would appear that many may not require vaccination while some are peculiarly susceptible not only to SARS-CoV-2 but to developing serious reactions to certain classes of the Covid vaccines.”

Source: The Daily Expose

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  1. ken says

    Gov definition of Informed Consent:

    “You have been informed that the shot is required and your consent is appreciated”.

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