UK Cops on the Prowl for “Social Gatherings” Bust Down Door, Break Into Lonely Man’s Apartment (VIDEO)

Warrants are so 2019


Clearly this was all the resident’s fault. If he had nothing to hide why didn’t he just open the door, instead forcing the police to destroy his property and force their way in? This is just like when Saddam Hussein tricked us into thinking he had WMDs forcing us to invade.


  1. captainnemo2 says

    These cops only left because everything was being recorded Notice the female cop and the one next to her putting on gloves… If he was not filming them he would have been tasered cuffed and thrown in a cell (if he was still alive)
    Welcome to the new Nazi state.
    Nothing will happen to these gestapo state minions.
    You might be next? Or me?

    Covid is at the least revealing the true nature of the british police state

  2. itchyvet says

    I’d say, based on the video, the Cops have a bit of splaining to do. Firstly I count no less than FOUR Cops, bullying and harrassing an innocent member of the public. If someone had made a complaint, it does not take FOUR Cops to harrass and innocent individual. Why not leave the THREE cops down stairs and one knock on his door, whilst ensuring adequate space is maintained between herself and the home owner ??? She practicaly barged in, throwing caution to the winds, and did not allow the required distancing between them as required. IF this behaviour continues by the Police, I’d say things are going to get a lot hotter yet. IDIOTS.

  3. Ivan Pompidou says

    This guy is a fucking hero. Infinite thumbs up.

  4. XRGRSF says

    Good thing this wasn’t in the U$; the cops would have shot him dead on the spot.

    1. A Fucking LEAF says

      A shame this wasn’t the US, he would have been able to shoot back.

  5. archeon says

    Quick man run out and find somone with the virus, blame the filth,sue for millions . Seriously you are a hero.

  6. jm74 says

    Rather strange that the Police who are constantly involved in mixing with the public seem to be immune to the virus. One would expect them to be in lock down also. Fake pandemic?

  7. A Fucking LEAF says

    Surely the police wouldn’t be so hasty to kick in doors without warrants if rowdy Englishmen were waiting on the other side with spears. I’d imagine that once a few of them ended up with their heads mounted on a stick, theyd fuck right off, real quick

    1. Anonymous says

      He’d need to get a loicense for the spear first, of course.

    2. Ann Johns says

      But where are all the “rowdy” men? EVERYONE is buckling under and doing as they’re told.

      1. A Fucking LEAF says

        It starts with women. Policy makers are more likely to listen to women because women are more likely to vote for more government. British men are probably so henpecked by their women that they don’t know how to man up and fight back. That, or they know the rest of British society would see them as the villain for trying to. People like Tommy Robinson are unironically what British society needs to emulate if they want to be free.

  8. ke4ram says

    Not surprised…. The brainwashed masses would celebrate the ‘po-lice as doing their duty protecting the public.

  9. stevek9 says

    That is unbelievable. That video should be spread wide enough for millions of people to view it.

  10. Mike says

    The main goal in England and many other countries is complete obedience. To eventually become 100% police states where citizens have no say in what they do.

    A so called virus that killed far less people than the flu and yet, countries around the globe decided to shutdown pretty much everything. They have stated for the past 2 months that the virus affects between 15 and 20% of the population but instead of having those at risk remaining at home and keep economies ongoing, they decided to kill small businesses and put millions of people out of work. How does that make any sense?

    1. Ave Milagrosa says

      It makes sense because they’re reforming the economic system – transferring to a steady-state, digital economy in which each of us is assigned an RFID chip with all of our essential information. To institute the new economy, the old economy must first be destroyed. And that is the point of the “Covid-10” scare. So none of this is as random or as crazy as it looks. It’s the outcome of processes that have been under development for decades.

      1. XRGRSF says

        EXACTLY !!!

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