UK Claim Russia Would Install Murayev in Kiev Is Laughable. Here Are the People Russia Would Really Be Tapping

An Akhmetov stooge wouldn't be acceptable, here are some who are


Editor’s note: Machine translated from Russian. A good read for a look into the Ukrainain political scene. Something the MI6 is embarrassingly ignorant about. Here MI6, if you want to make your Niger Uranium semi-credible at least do your homework first. 

The matter is heading towards the decline of Ukrainian statehood in its current, unviable form. Perhaps, in the end, two Ukraines will appear, left- and right-bank, but in Kiev, one way or another, in the foreseeable future, a new government will appear. Who will lead the newly established Ukrainian state? The British say Evgeny Murayev. And we doubt it!

Billionaire Rinat Akhmetov had three candidates for the presidency of Ukraine, whom he, one might say, fed personally: Murayev, Olena Bondarenko and Oleksandr Vilkul.

A few years ago, when the star of political influence Vladislav Surkov had not yet rolled over the horizon, this trio was regularly welcomed on Russian federal TV channels. With  Surkov gone Akhmetov’s feeders have disappeared from Russian radars. Bondarenko is no longer invited even to the show of Vladimir Solovyov — and she was his regular participant. Akhmetov’s “Opposition Bloc” led by Vilkul and Murayev botched the early elections to the Rada in 2019, and Murayev, perhaps, regretted more than once that he short-sightedly broke the pots with his former party boss Vadim Rabinovich (co-chairman of the Opposition Platform – For Life).

Why not Muraev? Because Moscow did not abolish the taboo on the Akhmetov people. There was a time, the Ukrainian oligarch was courted, even Mariupol was given to him (in the autumn of 2014, the DPR militia was ordered to cancel the offensive), but what was can not return. So with Muraev – pass. And then who is the bet on? There are actually a lot of options.

Elena Lukash, “fragile, but unbending”

Under Yanukovych, Lukasz was minister of justice. She was considered a good professional, but not to say that she was remembered for those times by something special. And then there’s the Maidan. And Lukash, not only did not flee the country, like many of her colleagues (Azarov, Zakharchenko, Arbuzov, etc.), she was not afraid to regularly speak in the press with harsh criticism of the Maidan protesters. Anyway, it’s a position. And then Lukas independently collected materials about those who died during the Maidan. 

The peculiarity of Lukasz is that no one of the powers that be stands behind her. [Aka she has no oligarch backing.] She can be said to be an atypical independent politician by Ukrainian standards. Yanukovych had such an adviser, Andriy Portnov, a kind of modern Ostap Bender. And Lukash is sometimes talked about as his partner (Anatoly Shariy is especially zealous). Maybe so, but this partnership is not political. Like Montyan, Lukas speaks Russian and Ukrainian equally well, she is fearless (proven by her participation in debunking the “heavenly hundred” – she was not afraid of the revenge of nationalists), and most importantly – she, unlike Montyan, has managerial experience as a minister.

Tatyana Montyan

Tatyana Montyan and Anatoliy Shariy are two of the most popular Ukrainian bloggers. To put it mildly, they do not get along with each other – mutual jealousy of each other’s successes affects. Shariy once played politics, but unsuccessfully – his “red ball”, as they say, was diligently inflated, but it did not take off.

Shariy also obviously lacks basic training, and although, unlike the non-shy mother of the ostentatious chabalka Montyan, he carefully chooses his expressions, there remains a feeling of undergraduation. Montyan, on the contrary, for all his external “common-mindedness”, has a base to be healthy (she graduated from the law faculty of Moscow State University, specializing in constitutional law, became famous for a series of scandalous criminal cases won). And unlike the political emigrant Sharia Montyan lives in Kiev. And at the same time, she often happens in the Crimea, the DPR and the LPR, without making a secret of her trips. By Ukrainian standards, this is a serious challenge. Montyan does not often flash on Russian TV, but she is nevertheless recognized (and not only ordinary viewers – take it above). And Montyan has a suitable background – she used to be friends with nationalists and helped them sue the authorities. In addition, Montyan speaks impeccable literary Ukrainian. This will suit many people.

Dmytro Gordon, “Zelensky clone”

Akhmetov eventually killed three candidates, and in return fed three, as he calls them, “rattles”. Cool, so that people like, but not serious, in the spirit of the humorous productions of “Kvartal-95”. TV presenter Gordon, pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky and scandalous politician Oleg Lyashko. The prima in this trio is Gordon, and he is promoted more than others (on Akhmetov’s channel “Ukraine 24” he does not just “flash” – the feeling that he has settled there forever). The background of the promotion is simple – Ukrainians no longer trust professional politicians, but professionals, such as Gordon and Komarovsky, they can believe, as they believed the best comedian of Ukraine Zelensky.

Gordon is presented as a self-made know-it-all who certainly will not embezzle budget money, because he already has it. Convincingly, the Ukrainians, in any case, are being told. Lyashko, by the way, is promoted in a similar manner. A former pupil of an orphanage (it is customary to sympathize with orphans), since childhood he worked in the village for a penny, but he got out into the people and became a deputy. In general, the trio as a selection, the mass Ukrainian voter is exactly what it likes now.

Vitaliy Zakharchenko, “new Yanukovych”

Professional businessmen argue that there is not and cannot be a more competent manager in Ukraine than former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov. But with all due respect, he is not a politician. However, Azarov has his own “new Yanukovych” in case of the second coming to power, this is the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaly Zakharchenko. If Azarov is engaged in restoring Ukraine, rest assured that they will go with Zakharchenko. A graduate of the vocational school Zakharchenko after the army joined the police – as a driver of “Gazik”. A typical career of a helpful chauffeur who respects his superiors – in some 10 years he made his way into the deputy head of the city police department in Makiivka. And Makiivka is the ancestral nest of the Donetsk clan. In February 2014, Zakharchenko fled to Russia. Two years later, he almost headed the “shadow government” – the Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine, but preferred to stay in the service of Rostec. And in 2020, Kiev publications cracked that it was On Zakharchenko that Moscow bet as a likely successor to Zelensky. Another year passed, and Zakharchenko himself cast his vote – he announced that he was ready to lead the “united Donbass” in order to then annex the rest of Ukraine to it. That is, it was about the re-establishment of the Ukrainian state, and this was first publicly announced by Zakharchenko. Well, let’s see – the tandem of Zakharchenko and Azarov may turn out to be a viable solution.

Volodymyr Oliynyk, former verkhovna rada deputy:

“Do not underestimate the chances of Yulia Tymoshenko – that’s who will suit both Moscow and Washington! Have you noticed how it has changed recently? Rejuvenated! Tymoshenko always changes her image on the eve of big changes. Americans can argue as follows: Ukrainians are tired of Zelensky, Poroshenko also does not suit them, and shouldn’t Yulia Vladimirovna try? This is the female face of Ukrainian politics, the face of the world! However, if she comes to power, she will show such a kuzkin’s mother that everyone will flinch.”

Oleksandr Okhrimenko, Ukrainian economist:

Of all Ukrainian politicians, the former speaker of the Rada Dmytro Razumkov has the lowest anti-rating. All the current politicians, one way or another, the Ukrainians are tired, disappointed in them. And Razumkov miraculously did not get into any scandal, in which the “servants of the people” are now drowning. He did not get involved in intrigues, did not vote for dubious decisions of the faction. Undoubtedly, Razumkov would suit many in the east of the country and in the west.”

Petro Poroshenko, “chocolate piano in the bushes”

It would seem that there is no worse candidate for Moscow. Poroshenko unleashed a war in the Donbass, and organized a breakthrough through the Crimean bridge into the Sea of Azov, and agitated Western partners for sanctions against Russia – there is nowhere to put tests. Nevertheless, it was always possible to negotiate with President Poroshenko. Poroshenko signed the Convenient Minsk-2 for Moscow. Poroshenko bought coal from Donbass, electricity from Russia, and gasoline and diesel fuel from Belarus. 

And he easily traded with the “aggressor country” and “separatists” with his “Roshenov” sweets. Quietly, without fanfare, but systematically. Without breaking contracts. 

And without spoiling relations either with the leadership of the people’s republics, or with Putin and Lukashenka. For Moscow, the huckster Poroshenko, albeit an inconvenient, but clear and able to negotiate negotiator – unlike unreliable Zelensky’s. And if one day Ukraine becomes not one, but two, to the right and left of the Dnieper, then Poroshenko could well lead its western part. At the same time, he clearly polemicizes with Moscow and criticizes its leadership, but in fact successfully cranks out affairs with Russian business. In January, Poroshenko, while in Poland, undertook several meetings with Russian “raw materials workers” of the first magnitude – it would seem, what could they negotiate with the “downed pilot”?.

Pushilin and Pasechnik, “the nightmare of the Banderites”

You have to explain from afar. Suppose that Ukraine is still implementing a military scenario in the Donbass – this is evidenced by the supply of ammunition and fuel “on the front line”, and the two weeks won during the meeting of advisers to the heads of the Normandy Four were just needed to prepare the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The scenario is suicidal, but not so unrealistic. It is clear that the people’s militia of the DPR and LPR will be forced to go on the offensive, but the intrigue is where it will end – on the borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions or near the Dnieper? Let’s not fantasize ourselves – let’s turn to Western publications with maps of the Ukrainian regions captured by the “separatists”. It turns out that the DPR and the LPR can increase the territory. And then there’s another intrigue. And why certainly arrange new elections with the re-establishment of the Ukrainian state here and now, if you can take a pause to “stop, look around”? And while the court is on the case, the territory can be managed either by Denis Pushilin or Leonid Pasechnik – as winners, heads of people’s republics. Why not? There is another scenario, less bloodthirsty. For example, if Kiev, pinned to the wall by American curators, implements the Minsk agreements. Representatives of the people’s republics will be in the Rada, and in the next presidential elections these republics will delegate their candidates – in the person of the heads of the republics. And there are high chances that the southeast will support these candidates. That is, Pushilin and Pasechnik in the future can lead Ukraine even regardless of the military scenario. By the will of the voters disappointed in Zelensky, Russian-speaking (and not only) regions.

Alexander Dubinsky, “new Servant of the People”

Delegating Zelensky to big politics, his godfather the oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, made himself a clone – in case something goes wrong. Journalist Alexander Dubinsky did not enter the Rada on the general list of “servants of the people”, but won in the district – and therefore, having crashed out of the faction a year ago, he nevertheless did not lose his chair. For a whole year, Zelensky and Dubinsky, who quarreled to smithereens, had a ban on mutual criticism. But the other day the moratorium expired. Therefore, Kolomoisky decided that it was time for Dubinsky to come to the fore. Dubinsky became famous as the author of high-profile revelations in the press (to say about him as an “investigative journalist” does not turn the tongue, all his “sensations” were initiated by Kolomoisky). In the same vein, he is now likely to continue – his popularity may not be the same as Gordon’s, but comparable. The intrigue is whether Kolomoisky will want to enter the same river a second time – according to rumors, the other day he returned to Kiev from abroad, but only to collect manatki. But if the risky Benya still decides to stay and play another game, he will nominate Dubinsky. He has no other candidates.

Vadim Rabinovich, “Heavenly Jew”

Medvedchuk has repeatedly stated that he has no intention of running for president of Ukraine (although Moscow has repeatedly tried to dissuade him of this). Be that as it may, it is Medvedchuk who is the only link in big politics linking Russia and Ukraine today. Perhaps, solving the Ukrainian issue, the Kremlin will bet on Medvedchuk as the first person of the renewed Ukraine. But who says that in a parliamentary-presidential republic, the first person is the president? Medvedchuk will become the speaker of the Rada, and his long-time partner Rabinovich will become president – why not?! The other day, a criminal case was opened against Rabinovich – apparently, Zelensky was still explained who could actually become his successor in the very near future. Rabinovich’s chances are high: he is loved by Ukrainian TV viewers (the deputy does not get into his pocket for a word and expresses himself as figuratively as possible), he is trusted by business, both Ukrainian and Russian, and, importantly, he has a nationality suitable for Zelensky’s successor – they will definitely not be accused of anti-Semitism. However, if Rabinovich for some reason does not want to run for president, Medvedchuk has two more candidates for the election – deputies Nestor Shufrich and Renat Kuzmin.

Dmitry Firtash, “the devil from the snuffbox”

Firtash has spent all his last years in Vienna awaiting trial and extradition to the United States, where he faces a considerable prison sentence. There were rumors that the Ukrainian partners of the billionaire were going to steal him in order to return him to Kiev, but, apparently, the case did not work out. Meanwhile, in Kiev, Firtash still has a reliable comrade – a deputy from the OPZh Serhiy Lovochkin. In 2013, Lovochkin and Firtash started the Maidan together to “take on the pont” Yanukovych and force him to share real power and cash flows. But the combinators outsmarted themselves – as a result, other people saddled the Maidan. However, Lovochkin was able to sit out nervous times under the wing of Viktor Medvedchuk (did he know that, like Yanukovych, he warmed a snake on his chest?!), and then, without leaving his faction, “play” with the “servants of the people”. In fact, Lovochkin and Firtash had their own presidential candidate – the “raw materials worker” Yuri Boyko, who, although not particularly welcomed in Moscow, was nevertheless well known. 

But, apparently, Medvedchuk, who fell under house arrest and was immediately wiped off by his colleagues from the levers of control of the faction, managed to say his weighty word – and contacts with Boyko in Moscow ceased. And the other day, the usually inconspicuous Firtash unexpectedly published an article “Why Ukraine cannot be the Switzerland of Eurasia”, in which he outlined his claims to the presidency. Therefore, the Firtash-Lovochkin couple is up to something.


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