UK Carrier to Casually Bomb Syria in a Drive-by Attack as It Sails to China

London gives the world drive-by bombings

Editor’s note: Okay, fighting ISIS is a good thing in principle. However, to do it in such a manner is just preposterous. Firstly you don’t have Syria’s authorization to be in its airspace and drop ordnance on its territory so you’re breaking international law.

Secondly, there is something intensely perverse about casually dropping a few bombs on someone else’s civil war as you happen to sail by it on the way to somewhere else. To be so casual about bombing other countries that it becomes something you can do for a few days while you’re doing other, more important things (such as sailing to China), then move on, is a particularly sick kind of airhead imperialism. 

UK stealth fighter jets are to be dispatched from the £3 billion ($4.16bn) warship HMS Queen Elizabeth to “pack a potent punch” against the remnants of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

The Ministry of Defence said the F-35B Lightning jets would support operations in the countries from the Carrier Strike Group – a flotilla of British warships on a six-month global mission.

Leading the fleet is aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, which left its base in Portsmouth in southern England on Sunday. The ship is accompanied by a US destroyer and Dutch frigate to provide extra protection.

Eight Royal Air Force and 10 US Marine Corps F-35B stealth fighter jets will operate on board the vessel.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston said the jets would help to weed out terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

He said he had no doubt violent extremism was still rooted in the region despite the weakening of the ISIS foothold.

The F-35Bs are equipped with advanced sensors, mission systems and stealth technology allowing them to carry out surveillance and reconnaissance tasks in remote areas.

He told PA that ISIS was “no longer the ground-holding force, the occupying force that it was in 2015 and 2016”.

“For the last two years, we have been identifying pockets where they have dug into strongholds in the mountains in remote areas, and have been helping the government of Iraq to clear out those remnants.”

Mr Wigston said Iraqi security forces were becoming “stronger day by day” and a time would come when UK and US support in the region was no longer needed.

“I wouldn’t like to put a date on it, but I have great faith in the progress the Iraqi forces are making,” he said.

Britain’s Armed Forces Minister James Heappey said deployment of the stealth fighter jets from the aircraft carrier was central to the government’s foreign affairs goals.

“The F-35B Lightning jets will pack a potent punch against Daesh and help prevent them from regaining a foothold in Iraq,” he said.

“This is a prime example of the UK armed forces stepping forward with our allies to confront persistent threats around the world. It is global Britain in action.”

Billed as the largest concentration of UK maritime and air power in a generation, the aircraft carrier will be accompanied by six Royal Navy ships, a submarine armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, 14 naval helicopters and a company of Royal Marines.

India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore are among the 40 destinations on the tour, demonstrating Britain’s strategic tilt to the Indo-Pacific region to counter the increasing military strength of China.

Air and maritime forces from the UAE will operate alongside the group for part of the trip, the Ministry of Defence said.

Source: The National News

  1. ken says

    “there is something intensely perverse about casually dropping a few bombs on someone else’s civil war as you happen to sail by it on the way to somewhere else.”

    Civil war? You gotta be kidding!

    As for Britain threatening China….. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hell, they had to borrow the aircraft that they’re using on their shiny new carrier which is nothing but missile bait.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Sailing to China ?? WTF for ??? Liberating Hong Kong??

  2. Zhonghua says

    The British deserve to get violently humbled, sink this ship with some DF missiles!

    1. Paul says

      Those lying scum that lead the UK anyway!

    2. Juan says

      An old shitty exocet can do the trick

  3. Jerry Hood says

    Lebanese Hezbollah is going to sank it…Third world England( Irish,Welsh and Scotsmen don’t give a shit about England) ” muscle flexing” ship..

  4. jimbogoofball says

    Why won’t anybody fight back and sink this ship and/or get some effective air defense going. WTF is wrong with these idiots to allow some limeys to bomb the country. FIGHT BACK. Where the F is the hez? They have the equipment to do something. Wish I was in the Hez. I would not hesitate to fire on these limeys.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      They are in bed with the Russians, they are all part of the same world government.

  5. Hoyeru says

    Putin the Pussy is always holding back, allowing those fuckers to do pretty much whatever they want. I’m beginning to get really annoyed with that Putin the Pussy. If he stands up to them, they wouldnt be going around the world bombing however they want to. Hopedully the Chinese stand up.

    1. Paul says

      Putin is No such thing! as shall soon enough be shown, this Empire sabre rattling with lies for excuses is about to reap what it has sowed.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        stop pretending a politician is gonna save the world.

    2. Raptar Driver says

      He is not a pussy.
      He is doing his job, he was put in power for this reason.

  6. Joe_Below says

    It’s okay. Thanks to the weaponized immigration, the UK will soon cease to exist and along with it, the float-by bombings.

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