UAE Bans Citizens From Leaving Country Without Third Dose


The United Arab Emirates has announced that it will ban citizens who have not had three doses of a vaccine against Covid-19 from travelling abroad.

Officials said the exit ban, which comes into force on 10 January, would not apply to those who are medically exempt from receiving the vaccine.

More than 90% of the population in the UAE has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. About 34% had received the booster jab as of 24 December, according to Our World in Data.

Officials said the ban on unvaccinated passengers would also be lifted in “humanitarian cases” and in cases where people were travelling for medical treatment.

Foreign workers make up the vast majority of the resident population in the Gulf state and will not be affected by the new restrictions, which only apply to citizens.

Source: BBC

  1. ken says

    Remember the movie “The Red October” where the First Officer asks the Captain if he would need papers to travel from state to state?

    Well now most need papers just to leave the country and worse just to leave their house. In NYC, apparently there is no crime as NYPD gestapo go around checking papers of people just trying to live.

    And the worse thing? People are now content with this. yes, some take a walk, yell some obscenities,,, called protests,,, then go home for the night, but most lemmings are content with being locked up, after all, today being safe is everything!

    Land of the free and home of the brave have a whole new meaning. Never thought I’d see people this submissive. Pets have more honor! Reminds me of children being frightened by a ‘scary’ halloween story only today its adults and a scary flu, cold or whatever they’re calling covid.

  2. Mr Reynard says

    UAE Bans Citizens From Leaving Country Without Third Dose ?
    Well, they are copying the Free Western democracies ??

  3. Stephen Kastl says

    60% x 90% = 54%. The percentage of UAE dead within five years due to graphene oxide nanotubes which act like tiny razor blades in the bloodstream causing clots, strokes, heart attacks, and death.

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