Two Vaccination Centres Ransacked in France as 100,000 Protest

Two vaccination centres have been ransacked in France, as people protested against the introduction of tougher coronavirus rules.

One site in south-east France was vandalised and flooded using fire hoses on Friday night, authorities said.

A day later, another clinic in the south-west was partially destroyed by an arson attack, local media reported.

The incidents came on a weekend of demonstrations. More than 100,000 came out to protest on Saturday.

Critics have accused President Emmanuel Macron’s government of violating freedoms by introducing new rules.

The most controversial of the rules include mandatory vaccinations for health workers and health passes to access most public places.

Anti-vaccine graffiti was found near a vandalised vaccination centre in Lans-en-Vercors near the south-eastern city of Grenoble. Saturday’s arson attack targeted a clinic in the village of Urrugne near Biarritz in the south-west.

Meanwhile at a rally on Saturday, French politician Martine Wonner told protesters to “lay siege” to the offices of lawmakers who backed the government’s Covid policies.

A high profile sceptic of Covid vaccines, she faces a potential legal inquiry for this. She was forced to quit her opposition group in parliament on Sunday, but said her words had been misconstrued.

France has seen several acts of violence and vandalism against lawmakers who supported the new vaccination rules.

Source: BBC

  1. ken says

    To save lives the kill shot centers need to be taken out. …. Viva la France!

    Somebody has to show the mucks in the land of the free how it’s done.

  2. Ying Jun says

    I wish that would happen in Australia. Australians like to think of themselves as tough and rebellious but they are acting like pussies and zombies at the moment. Any government that try to introducing forced vaccine passports should be removed by force, by the people.

    1. Malatok says

      Ozzies are almost all morons. One exception is Max Igan and God knows he is tired of trying to raise the dead and explain to the mindless herd what the pedovore political filth are up to. Oh yeah as the gruesome gubermint wench said…”Stop talking..don’t communicate….” They need you dead, cobber.

      1. Malatok says

        Actually not just most Ozzies are morons…most of the planet herd are morons.

  3. Penny red says

    This will be the security services trying to scare the general population that the protesters are stealing their beloved vaccine.

  4. Malatok says

    Please stop calling the kill shot a “vaccine”. It is a DARPA developed gene modification genocide program. Like the Merkill Soros Muslim migrant importation scam in 2015 where the detritus of USSA’S serial judaic wars of expansion were branded “refugees”. They were not; they were weaponized economic welfare scammers imported in the ongoing Coudenhove Kalergi psy op replacement operation. When you insist on using the lies and framed narrative BS of those that are now slaughtering the sheeple then you shouldn’t wonder that the sheeple will never get it.

    Yes, words do matter and the framed narrative of the lying presstitutes, political filth and Satanic pedovores should NEVER ever be repeated.

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