Turks Propose a Compromise on S-400, the Empire Shoots It Down. Chances This Comes Back to Bite the US: 100%

Rejecting compromise is what the US does best — and what will ultimately cause its downfall

The Washington on a roll here:

The Pentagon has firmly rejected Turkey’s offer to create a bilateral working group that would ensure that no military secrets of the US are compromised once Ankara deploys the Russian S-400 air defense systems.

Trying to preserve a working relationship with Washington amid disagreements over Turkey’s purchase of modern weapon systems from Russia, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Wednesday proposed creating a bilateral technical panel to make sure that the S-400 “will not be a threat – neither to F-35s nor the NATO systems.” 

He reiterated the need for such an arrangement on Thursday, before the Pentagon rejected the Turkish proposal, insisting that it stands opposed to American and Russian weapons working side-by-side.

“A technical working group at this stage isn’t necessary or a path the US is even considering as a resolution,” said Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon.

Turks offer assuage supposed American fears Russian-made S-400 air defense systems in Turkey will somehow give the Russians insight into how to better track and shoot down F-35s. The American response (translated):

This is not necessary, all that is necessary is that you capitulate. We are not even considering this.

There once was a time between around 2011 and 2016 when Erdogan’s Turkey was the third tail that wags the dog. Along with Israel and Saudi Arabia it was the third nominally US-allied power that could do anything, including go directly against US interest and projects in the Middle East, and still have unquestioned US backing. Those days are now well and truly over. These days Turkey is treated almost like a rogue state, ultimatums and all.

That said Washington is overplaying its hand here. By now it isn’t even about some anti-aircraft missiles anymore. By now the S-400 is a matter of national pride for Turks and a matter of preserving face for Erdogan. The chances they will back down are close to zero. A wiser Washington leadership would jump on the chance to hammer out a compromise and proclaim victory.

  1. Mackie Folsom says

    Turkey does not need to own F-35’s from the U.S.A. to test the tracking effectiveness of their new S-400 Missile system.

    I’m sure if Greece buys the F-35 they will be tracking them soon enough and exchanging data with the Russians in favour of good terms on other weapons system purchases, after having already snubbed their NATO Ally in going ahead with the purchase of the S-400 anyways.


    1. The Globalist says

      Thank you. At last, a reasonable, polite answer on this blog.

  2. Fast Amir says

    Turkey gonna go chicken any day now. It’s the 2 faces of Turkey….

    1. Fatih Akbudak says

      You are just talking from your arse before you speak look turks history get your fucking fact right

      1. Fast Amir says

        Ergo is all talk…..The pgraelis killed Turks in the floatilla and he did fkall. Turks, like Egyptians, ONCE had proud leaders – nowadays, like the gulfies, they are all sell outs…..So desperate to get into the EU and remain in NATO……Watch this space and watch them back down – I will be really happy if they do not bow down, but current on form they will…..

      2. The Globalist says

        If you don’t mind, the foul comments are not appropriate on this site. Take them somewhere else.

  3. Jesus says

    This arrogant attitude would contribute to the demise of the Empire even faster had they tried to ameliorate the situation with some diplomatic compromises. The Roman Empire never dealt with subordinate provinces or enemies like US, still the Roman Empire went into demise and collapsed because of similar symptoms and difficulties US is presently dealing with.

    1. jm74 says

      Roman empire lasted for centuries; US with NATO not even a century. Quite obvious that the US empire lacks credibility and is based on BS.

  4. Mackie Folsom says

    If the Trump does “The Political Tango Dance” wrong then Turkey will be equipped with S-400’s, the new SU-57 5th Generation Multi-role stealth fighter that Russian just ramped up production of and placed an incredible # of orders for from Sukhoi!

    Imagine if Turkey pulled out of NATO Trump, aligned itself more closely with Russia and you lost access to staging airbases in Turkey?

    How would that affect U.S. Strategic thinking and Theatrical Ability in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran? Hmmm

    Sometimes it is more important to Walk Softly and Don’t Threaten Politicians With A Stick That Only Turns To Be One Of Many Types Of Carrot s Grown Around The World! 8 )

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